Crochet Love along – week #1 update

October 02, 2013, 09:41 am  Posted by Lark

Our first week of group crochet togetherness is complete! What follows is our progress, our thoughts on the process of learning (and/or explaining) crochet, and our future crochet plans. Stay tuned next week for more updates!

Shannon: I’m in practice mode right now, finessing the double crochet stitch. I plan to work more on my stitching tonight before I dive into the actual project over the weekend.

Dawn: I’m finished with my first project. I need something bigger to crochet! (Cute photos to come!)

Beth: My experience so far was, well, you be the judge: As a brand new crocheter with happy knitting experience in my past, I grasped my brand new crochet hook firmly with great enthusiasm and felt very confident about learning a new fiber technique—until I discovered that I didn’t know how to hold the hook at all, and apparently people like to do this one fundamental thing very differently. Challenge #1. Next, I tried to figure out how to hold the yarn at that perfect midpoint between controllably loose and an even taughtness. This reminded me of learning how to walk in high heels—other people make it look graceful, but it takes some lurching around to adapt. Challenge #2. Slip knot? No problem. Victory #1. Then my fellow needlearts gals patiently and good-naturedly tried to walk me through the chain stitch, while my clumsy fingers fumbled about and my brain just wanted to cast-on with knitting needles. Challenge #3. While my fellow editors moved on to single and double crochet, I plodded on with my chain stitch, starting over a good number of times, that elusive vision of success flitting away into the future. So, to sum up, I’ve moderately gotten the hang of chain stitch. And I didn’t kill anyone, so I suppose that’s Victory #2.

Amanda: Have you ever tried to describe to someone how to hold a pencil? How to brush their teeth? I’ve only been crocheting since January (first new year’s resolution I’ve kept in a long time, maybe ever!), but apparently that’s long enough for the hook to feel natural in my hand. Explaining that position and all the little maneuvers that my hands do on autopilot is anything but natural! Needless to say, I didn’t make much progress on my fishies.

We’re on our way to crochet bliss….er, Crochet Love! Follow along each Tuesday as we plot our progress. If you’d like to join the fun, read our first post and download the free Skinny Scalloped Scarf project instructions.