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Lark Crafts is a creative publishing group that loves showcasing the best the craft world has to offer through how-to projects, comprehensive technique guides, spectacular visual galleries, and everything in between. Lark has been in the business of providing crafters with information and inspiration for 35 years, so we’re steeped in tradition. We’re also enthusiastically engaged in where crafting is going. We’ve been an integral part of how the craft community has grown, changed, and evolved over the last couple of decades—and how it has recently exploded in size and expanded in all kinds of exciting new directions. Our three content teams—Needlearts, Jewelry & Beading, and Craft Your Life—are made up of editors, designers, and all-around creatives eager to connect with craft enthusiasts of all kinds as we continue the Lark mission of celebrating the creative spirit.

Brita Vallens

Assistant Editor for Lark Crafts

Connie Santisteban

Editor, Lark Crafts. Before I leave for work each day I always check that I’ve got the essentials in my purse—wallet, keys, phone, MetroCard, and my knitting. Never leave home without the fiber! I’m a little bit ashamed to admit that my stash is approaching SABLE (Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy), but being able to point to the wall of fiber and call it market research is a life bonus. I’m an editor at Lark Crafts and on any given day you’ll find me discussing the Top 20 patterns on Ravelry, explaining how fabric shopping can be just as dangerous as yarn shopping, and admiring the latest subversive wire jewelry on Etsy.

Deborah Stack

Assistant Editor, Lark Crafts. A serial hobbyist, knitting will always be my one true love. In my spare time, I’m exploring sewing and planning a rap-lyric embroidery series. If you find me at a party, I’ll happily talk your ear off about the social and economic history of hand-knitting and its gendered implications. I’m happiest with a project in my hands, and love surprising and creative projects made with traditional crafts. My workday is fueled by coffee and brightened by puns. If you see me knitting on the subway, make sure to say hello (as long as I’m not counting stitches)!