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Lark Crafts is a creative publishing group based in the beautiful and artistic mountain town of Asheville, NC. We love showcasing the best the craft world has to offer through how-to projects, comprehensive technique guides, spectacular visual galleries, and everything in between. Lark has been in the business of providing crafters with information and inspiration for 35 years, so we’re steeped in tradition. We’re also enthusiastically engaged in where crafting is going. We’ve been an integral part of how the craft community has grown, changed, and evolved over the last couple of decades—and how it has recently exploded in size and expanded in all kinds of exciting new directions. Our three content teams—Needlearts, Jewelry & Beading, and Craft Your Life—are made up of editors, designers, and all-around creatives eager to connect with craft enthusiasts of all kinds as we continue the Lark mission of celebrating the creative spirit.

Amanda Carestio

A member of the needlearts team, my latest crafty obsessions are stitched projects. I’ve also been dealing with a serious Ravelry addiction, a love affair with fusible web, and an utter obsession with crochet; maybe you know the feeling? I love where I live (I’ve moved here twice!), and I try to explore this magical place on a regular basis with my hubby, my wee lady Ruby, and my brindle shadow, Violet. Feel free to email me directly:


I began my career with Lark as a freelance editor of photography how-to books, working all hours of the night from the sleeper sofa in my tiny college apartment, “borrowing” a neighbor’s unsecured internet connection. I earned a BA in Anthropology from the University of Texas, and after a short time living in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, I moved to Asheville to work for Lark full-time. I am proud to be from beautiful (no, really!) Cleveland Ohio, I am an Indians fan, and I looooove pierogi! My background is in photography, but in recent years, I have become a passionate gardener, cook, yogi, crossfitter, and maker of herbal medicines and beauty products. I’ve also recently begun dabbling in mead-making. I live almost in the boonies with my oil-painting, bluegrass-pickin’ husband and two mutts, who are mother and pup.

Beth Sweet

Since 2007 I’ve had the pleasure of working on Lark books ranging across wide horizons: crafting for charity, decorated cookies, delicious pies, decadent candy, crafting with kids, paper art, handmade soap, pompom critters, and everything in between. My work as an editor evolved happily into the social media and marketing realm, and I now work across teams celebrating and supporting all of Lark’s creative endeavors. In my real life, I bake sweet things, I read, I make crafty projects, and I run around Asheville with my wiggly, wonderful dog.

Carol Barnao

I grew up in balmy Columbia, S.C., so I feel most comfortable when it’s 80+ degrees out. I spend most of my free time rollerblading, running, or mountain biking at the trails and try to find time to paint in my little outdoor studio. Craftwise, I just did a whole lot of DIY (invites, flowers, veil, etc.) for my recent wedding.

Dawn Dillingham

I’ve been at Lark since 2005, doing everything from gallery book processing to database management—but everyone knows me as the primary problem solver. I’m currently the editorial assistant on Lark’s Jewelry & Beading team. I’ve lived in Asheville my entire life and married my high school sweetheart (the best husband in the world). We have four beautiful daughters, two cats, and a pup. When I’m not busy packing lunches or painting fingernails, I enjoy gardening and photography. In other words, I know nothing about gardening and photography.

Gavin Young

I’ve been at Lark for five years but admired it long before that. My journey started when I discovered the book 1000 Rings, which provided inspiration for my own wedding ring design and sparked my obsession with getting a job in Asheville where the book was published. I started as an assistant editor, moved into the managing editor role, and now am pleased to be an editor on the Lark Jewelry & Beading team—it’s a full-circle kind of thing. I love books. I love jewelry. So what could be better? My life outside of work is all about boys. Two tiny sons and one sweet husband make my world complete.


A member of the Craft Your Life team, I’ve been at Lark since 2006. I’m an English major at heart—I love to read and enjoy working with words. I grew up in western North Carolina but have lived in various places over the years, including Austin and Nashville. Home for me now is east Asheville, where I live with my dog, Hazel.

Kathy H.

I grew up crafting in Indiana. From the fiber arts world of sewing, quilting, and weaving, I found my way into the clay studio and then to the graphic arts arena. During my years at Lark, I’ve been in the fortunate position of not only documenting artists at work, but being inspired by them, too.

Kevin Kopp

I began in the book publishing business when manuscripts were still being submitted as a stack of typewritten pages. Now a resident of the Blue Ridge in Asheville NC by way of Rochester NY, Boston, Nashville, and Rochester again, I follow the Boston Red Sox on a daily basis during the MLB season. I love taking photographs, especially landscapes here in the mountains of Western Carolina. Some of my photos can be found at

Kristi Pfeffer

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in graphic design. I have been working professionally for over 15 years, ever since the old days when printers would “strip” film plates—my first job was as an apprentice film stripper. I live in Asheville with my Momma just around the corner and the best roommate ever: my dog, Laika (although I wish she could fetch the laundry). My interests include going to school to study environmental management and policy; figuring out ways to create artwork that is zero-waste and uses nontoxic, repurposed materials; reading books on astronomy, quantum physics, environmental issues and mystical Judaism; staring at pictures of the Large Hadron Collider; and daydreaming about going to Geneva, Switzerland to listen to the hum of scientists searching for the Higgs boson.


I’m a big city transplant from the flatlands of Texas and get energy from the great outdoors: gardening, hiking, and just sitting on the back deck taking in the mountains. That’s in the summer. In the winter I’m never far from a heat source and pass the months looking at the weather forecast, reading, watching foreign language movies, and planning the next vacation. I have an eclectic attention span when it comes to crafts, futzing around with one until another captures my interest—many times inspired by a book I’m working on.

Nathalie Mornu

Nathalie Mornu loves shiny things. Her focus as a Lark editor is on beaded jewelry, although she has also penned A Bounty of Bead & Wire Earrings and Leather Jewelry and co-authored the book Chains Chains Chains.

Nicole McConville

I’m an art-making, music-obsessed, avidly-reading introvert who loves and appreciates good food, a good life, and good friends. I live in a 95-year old, renovated bank building with my extraordinary circus dog companion. I’ve had about a dozen different jobs at Lark over the years but feel right at home managing the Craft Your Life and Jewelry & Beading lists, happily donning my big-picture ringleader hat.

Shannon Quinn-Tucker

I begin my days with some rather ungraceful kickboxing and end them with high-level bedtime negotiations with a preschooler. In between, I take a break by working with the all-girl rock star needlearts team here at Lark. On the weekends, you can find me in the kitchen trying out new recipes, sitting on my front porch with a book, or outside hiking a mountain trail. I’ve recently set the goal of learning to crochet at night, but it’s entirely possible I’ll end up falling asleep on the couch watching tv.

Shannon Yokeley

So, you wanna know about me, huh? First thing you should know is that I was never a crafter before Lark. But, surrounded by inspiring books and the crafty people around me, I’ve been slowly sucked in. I now love to crochet and sew! That reminds me, I need to finish my crocheted rainbow scarf… I also get to design our books and get sneak peeks at new craft ideas. And occasionally I get to tell people what to do, that’s always fun. While doing all this I’m surrounded by my collection of geeky toys, nerdy art, and cool crafts.