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Making Mini Books
by Kathleen McCafferty
Pub Date: April 2012
ISBN: 9781454702009
Format: Paperback, 144pp
all in color
9 X 9

Everyone loves handmade books--and these adorable mini volumes are generally easier to craft than their larger counterparts! Some even require only folding and stapling. This charming collection includes beautiful leather-clad journals, block print notepads, accordion-fold mini-zines, and others that feature interior pockets, unique closures, colorful stitching, and eye-catching bindings. An invaluable illustrated stitch guide provides the essential info for every binding.
Author Bio
Kathleen McCafferty is an editor for Lark Books and edited the bestselling Making Handmade Books by Alisa Golden. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

What Others Are Saying
"Oh, the wonderfulness. The variety. The inventiveness. This book contains a whole bunch of DIY mini book projects from the sweet and simple to the complex and artistic. Using different materials, paper, leather, recycled junk, wire and twine ‹ to teach you how to make traditionally bound books, or more unusual books. You'll be inspired." --Whip Up

“Have you noticed how popular all things little and cute are recently? Lark is right on target with Making Mini Books. You'll learn great techniques for binding all different types of materials together, and even though these are pint-sized projects, you'll be able to apply the techniques to other projects of your own choosing too...This book has plenty of the beautiful photos that Lark is famous for, and there are so many innovative materials used, it will set your mind spinning.” --Mixed Media Artist

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