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Sabine Lippert's Beaded Fantasies
by Sabine Lippert
Pub Date: May 2012
ISBN: 9781454702467
Format: HC, 144pp
all in color
8 1/2 X 10
Series: Beadweaving Master Class Series
The best-selling BeadweavingMasterClass series welcomes German beader Sabine Lippert, Europe's top beadwork designer, in a trend-setting book that showcases 30 beautiful and wearable project designs.
Lippert combines seed beads, crystals, and glass pearls to create gorgeous, innovative beading projects. All feature her trademark tiers of beads that are layered into gorgeous jewelry. Every piece uses the most popular and beloved stitches in beading: right angle weave and peyote.
Most of the bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, and chokers here are new, but Sabine has also included a few of her favorite classics. An inspirational photo gallery of beadwork from leading designers, including Sabine, rounds out this must-have book.

Author Bio
Sabine Lippert teaches beading workshops in Germany, England, and the United States, as well as at Creativa (a huge German trade show). She is the author of 2009's Das Perlenkochbuch (The Bead Cookbook), and she maintains an active and popular blog, on which she posts images of new beaded jewelry designs almost daily. Lippert also is a Swarovski Ambassador. She lives in Bonn, Germany.
What Others Are Saying
“Sabine Lippert is one of Europe's leading beadwork teachers, and this book gives her English-speaking fans the opportunity to learn many of her techniques while stitching 30 beautiful projects. Using right-angle weave, peyote stitch, and netting techniques, Sabine cleverly engineers unique components that complement each other in stunning designs. The photographs are beautiful and show every detail. Of particular interest is chapter 6, where Sabine delves into her approach to design and how the different shapes of the same size bead affect the final outcome, providing the reader with food for thought in addition to the fabulous eye candy." --Bead & Button

“Sabine Lippert is one of the most innovative bead artists. She was truly inspired to make this amazing book! The projects are fabulous and the how-to illustrations are perfection. I believe people will want to create these projects over and over again, playing with various colorways. This book is destined to be in every bead artist’s library and referred to repeatedly.” — Sherry Serafini
“Every so often a beader comes along who just stands out from the crowd. When I first saw Sabine’s work, I knew it was very special. She’s the kind of artist who brings a mastery to her work and raises the bar for all beaders. Unique, amazing, gorgeous, stunning, glamorous, elegant — all of these words describe Sabine’s book. Every piece is exquisite and beautifully made and will have beaders wanting to make every one. The problem will be in deciding which to make first!” — Suzanne Golden
“From my first glance at Sabine’s beadwork in 2009, I became a fan. These pages reveal a passion for beadweaving to be reckoned with and a desire to share knowledge with others. Although the projects appear intricate and complex, the simple language and illustrations make for a successful, pleasant experience while beading them. Take it from one who finds following directions challenging — these are indeed easier than they look!” — Rachel Nelson-Smith
“Sabine Lippert’s use of pearls, crystals, and seed beads, with innovative thread paths, results in beautifully encrusted jewels that are infinitely wearable. The way she shares her design approach of evolving pieces of beadwork into a variety of designs encourages readers to take their own design journeys. We can be thankful that Sabine’s long craft history led her to beads.”— Marcia DeCoster

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