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Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!
by Kathy Sheldon
Pub Date: October 2012
ISBN: 9781454703495
Format: PB, 128pp
all in color
8 1/2 X 10

Remember Shrinky Dinks--those plastic sheets that magically shrink and harden when heated in the oven? Millions of fans do. Now they're back … and a hot trend with both mainstream and Etsy crafters. Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! introduces crafters to this friendly, fast, and fun way to create cool--and surprisingly chic--jewelry. It covers everything from the many new kinds of shrink plastic available (including printable) to the latest techniques. The 35 stylish projects include cute animal-shaped rings, a Mexican oilcloth necklace, origami airplane earrings, and more!
Author Bio
Author and editor Kathy Sheldon loves following her hunches to find trends in that sweet spot where the online-crafting world and book-buyers meet. She developed the popular Fa la la la Felt and is co-author of the follow-up book, Heartfelt Holidays. She lives in Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC, and Windham, ME.

What Others Are Saying
"Children of the 1970s and '80s may remember Shrinky Dinks--preprinted pieces of shrink plastic to color and cut out. Modern shrink plastic comes in a variety of finishes, and some plastics can be imprinted with an inkjet printer, but the preparation is the same: color, cut out, and bake until the plastic shrinks. Standout projects include whimsical paper-airplane earrings, a Liberty-esque floral-print earring and necklace set, and several minimalist pendant projects that resemble glass, rather than shrink plastic. VERDICT: Gen X crafters will be intrigued by the retro raw materials, but the projects highlight all of the possibilities of shrink plastic. The pieces are eye-catching and bear little resemblance to the Shrinky Dinks of yore." --Library Journal
“Clearly written, beautifully illustrated, clear, concise and I have to admit that I am planning to give several of the suggested projects a whirl because they are 'that' nice looking. I guess my comment would be 'this is not your grandmother's--or mother's--shrink plastic art.' The projects that are presented, designed by some really excellent artists, are things that will catch your eye as well as your imagination. You'll find all necessary information about what supplies you will need, none of which are very costly. It's a really fun book, filled with really nice projects that will be sure to please any crafty gal or guy. With adult supervision and assistance, I think that older kids can join in the fun with you, too.” --Marie Z. Johansen, Books by the Willow Tree
“I was totally surprised. Happily surprised! This book written by Kathy Sheldon makes me want to go out and buy some shrink plastic. Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! is a fabulous book for so many reasons. Kathy has a fun and energetic writing skill. From cover to cover Kathy explains each step and then allows you to add your own touches. If you have ever wanted to use shrink plastic, then this book is for you. Kathy accomplishes what a true craft book writer is supposed to do: inspire her reader” --Nicole Campanella, The Beadwright blog

“Kathy Sheldon will make you want to try shrink plastic again. The book covers all you need to know about shrink plastic and how to work with the medium. If you have been looking for a way to create inexpensive yet still stylish jewelry components that you can also merge into other forms of jewelry making such as wire work and beading, this is an excellent resource to consider. The book has thirty step-by-step jewelry projects, and I honestly did not see one that I did not like.” (5-star review) Jewelry Making

"I see a huge draw for this book for those who work with kids and need creative, fast but really fun stuff to use for craft projects. This is inexpensive, fairly easy and certainly doable in a time crunch. A pretty
floral bracelet, with fill-color flower variations, would brighten any mood." --Scorpio Moon Jewelry