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Jill Wiseman's Beautiful Beaded Ropes
by Jill Wiseman
Pub Date: September 2012
ISBN: 9781454703563
Format: HC, 120pp
all in color
8 1/2 X 10
Series: Beadweaving Master Class Series
Join popular teacher and designer Jill Wiseman as she presents 24 beaded rope designs in this wonderful entry in Lark Jewelry & Beading's popular Beadweaving Master Class series. From dainty to heavy, and from simple to outrageously textured, these beautiful and wearable necklace, lariat, bangle, and bracelet projects (plus a few earrings!) utilize such popular stitch techniques as spiral rope, peyote, netting, herringbone, right angle weave, chevron, polygon weave, and oglala.
Beginning and experienced beaders alike will love these high-quality projects from one of the most fun and innovative beaders on the scene today!
Author Bio
Jill Wiseman lives in Pflugerville, TX. She has taught at the Bead&Button Show, Bead Fest, and at bead stores and bead societies across the US. She also teaches video classes on Jill has a very active and popular social media presence on Facebook ( and blogs humorously and enthusiastically about her beading life on She also runs an e-commerce site,, which she uses to sell kits, instructions, and beads.

What Others Are Saying
“Once practically an afterthought in jewelry, beaded ropes are at the heart of Jill Wiseman's beautiful book. By looping a rope, wrapping it around itself, or tying it into a knot, Jill creates stunning jewelry that you would never think could come from a simple rope. A variety of projects made with each technique clearly demonstrates how to create completely different looks by changing a few variables. After reading this book, you'll never look at a beaded rope the same way.” --Bead&Button

“What I love most in Jill Wiseman's work is the plain elegance of her jewelry--clear structures and a passion for the little details that make a piece so special and timeless. This book shows a multitude of techniques to create the classiest ropes, embellish them, and transform them into dimensional pieces. This is not only a collection of beautiful jewelry but also a brilliant overview of all the techniques. This book should definitely be on every beader’s bookshelf.” --Sabine Lippert
“Finally! A beadwork book that shows beaders how to stitch gorgeous ropes, strands, and bands! Jill's stellar stitching instructions and covetous color combinations will have every beader that reads this book feeling like they have just enjoyed a full-on class with Jill. Her book gives beaders excellent advice and includes a gallery section that will have you inspired and scrambling for the beading tray.” --Maggie Roschyk
“Jill's new book is a unique study in the infinite possibilities, variations, and applications of beaded ropes. Beautifully illustrated and clearly narrated step-by-step instructions guide the reader through the 24 projects. Topped off with an inspiring gallery of rope-based jewelry, this book is a must-have for every beader.” - Laura McCabe

"In Jill Wiseman’s Beautiful Beaded Ropes, we are treated to a wide variety of stitches resulting in a selection of ropes, many of which stand alone and others which provide the perfect complement to our own choice of beads. Jill shows us how to use the rope stitches in unexpected ways, making traditional ropes but also using them in earrings, rings, and focal pendants." - Marcia DeCoster
“If you tend to think of ropes as items that go around your neck and, perhaps, your wrist, Jill will surprise you. After seeing the enchanting Bohemian Earrings and the mesmerizing Ziggurat Ring--which has found its way to the top of my absolutely-must-bead bucket list--you will open to new and exciting possibilities in your own beadwork. What I may love most about this book is it has jewelry for real women, not for runway models or high society gals. You don't need to find an excuse to wear these pieces; they will not languish in your jewelry box after you've had the fun of beading them. Promise!” --Carol Dean Sharpe

“If you love the intricacies of working with seed beads and weaving them into beautiful and wearable jewelry pieces, then you will love this book. What Jill Wiseman has been able to do with this book is to take standard beadweaving stitches and enhance them with fabulous bead combinations and elegant components. Total beginners will have to take the time to practice the stitches, but jewelry makers who already have some beadweaving experience will be able to jump into many of these projects. Seed beading projects take a lot of time to make, but that is the nature of the medium. With these projects, the time is well spent. They are really all just gorgeous. I seriously cannot see one piece that I would not love to wear.” Jewelry Making

"...presented in full color with tons of photographs, a strong treasure trove of information for any jewelry do it yourself-er.” --Midwest Book Review