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Making Fabric Jewelry
by Marthe Le Van
Pub Date: August 2012
ISBN: 9781454704157
Format: Paperback, 144pp
all in color
9 X 9

Use even the smallest scraps in your stash! Making Fabric Jewelry, the paperback edition of Stitched Jewels, presents 23 exquisite and beautifully photographed designs that incorporate cloth, textiles, and other common sewing materials. Enjoy inventive projects from top designers, including Ellen Gerritse's ornate leaf earrings from colorful fabric and mesh, Deborah Boschert's necklace built from circular swatches, and a sundress-inspired black-and-white gingham bracelet from Bethany Fields. Even if you're a sewer or quilter who's never made a piece of jewelry before, the easy techniques will have you creating new pieces in no time!

Author Bio
Marthe Le Van is an Asheville, NC-based jewelry, metals, and beading editor for Lark Crafts. Since 2000, she has written, edited, juried, or curated more than 60 books. Recent publications include 21st Century Jewelry, Ring A Day, and 30-Minute Rings. Marthe has edited all jewelry books in Lark's popular 500 series and curated 500 Wedding Rings and Masters: Gold. She is a member of the Art Jewelry Forum and the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

What Others Are Saying
“This book can be very inspirational and open up some jewelry designers who are looking for ways to make their work different. The techniques are particularly interesting in that many of them are commonly used in stitching and sewing, so for someone with a background in needlework, he or she could use the ideas and designs in this book as a place to start and then branch off.” Jewelry Making
“A fascinating series of essential fabric accessories that provide a wonderful blend of modern, vintage, classic, chic, and earthy styles--ideal for both resourceful crafters and the fabric enthusiasts...Whether you want to find hot new ways to add your own flair to a cuff or wristlet, a neckpiece or brooch, earrings or bracelet, you are guaranteed to find the desired inspiration in Making Fabric Jewelry.” --Crescendoh
“For a wealth of ideas and a variety of perspectives on creating fabric jewelry, Making Fabric Jewelry is an amazing source of inspiration . . . These beautiful pieces cover the gamut of fabric jewelry-making techniques, from hand and machine stitching, to appliqué, embroidery, fabric wrapping, and even sculptural pieces . . . This book is your chance for creative bliss.” --Belle Armoire Jewelry

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