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500 Figures in Clay Volume 2
by Nan Smith
Pub Date: February 2014
ISBN: 9781454707745
Format: Paperback with Flaps, 420pp
all in color
8 X 8
Series: 500 Series
People have carved figures in clay since prehistoric times—so what can artists bring to the tradition that's distinctive? This breathtaking collection answers that question 500 ways with works by new and emerging ceramicists that chronicle the ongoing exploration of the human form. From rustic creations to postmodern designs, from realistic to abstract, these pieces embody the diversity, imagination, and excellence of today's finest ceramic art.
Author Bio
About the juror:
Nan Smith is a full Professor at the University of Florida, where she has served as the Ceramics Program Area Head and received two awards for teaching excellence. Her sculpture has been exhibited at SOFA Chicago, the American Museum of Ceramic Art, and in invitational exhibitions throughout the US. Nan's work is also part of many institutional collections. Her sculpture has appeared in numerous publications, including The Figure in Clay (Lark); 500 Figures in Clay (Lark), World-Famous Ceramic Artists' Studios (Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House), Ceramics Monthly, Sculpture, and World Sculpture News. She lives in Gainesville, FL, where she maintains a private studio.