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A Year of Gingerbread Houses
Year of Gingerbread Houses
by Kristine Samuell
Pub Date: September 2015
ISBN: 9781454708919
Format: Paperback, 144pp
all in color
8 1/2 X 10

Nothing's more enticing than an awesome, lusciously decorated gingerbread house. With designs for holidays and birthdays, these exquisite projects include a cottage, chalet, and two-story house—and customized windows, doors, chimneys, paths, trees, and even lighting add to the charm. Hundreds of helpful process shots; advice on tools and techniques; and patterns, piping templates, and tips on baking and assembling all assure magical results.
Author Bio
Kristine Samuell started her baking adventures at her mother’s elbow, peering in wonder at her mother’s gingerbread masterpieces. Many bags of flour later, she still loves to create houses for holidays, birthdays, charity auctions, and other special occasions. Kristine lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband and two children, who think the title of the book should be: “Don’t eat that! It’s for the gingerbread house book."