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500 Pitchers
by Lark
Pub Date: May 2006
ISBN: 9781579906870
Format: Paperback with Flaps, 420pp
all in color
8 X 8
Series: 500 Series
500 stunning pitchers…endless inspiration for the creative potter.
Think you know what a pitcher looks like? Well, picture this: a salt- and soda-fired stoneware piece with boldly sensuous lines or a slab-built "oil can," wood-fired to mimic the appearance of rust. Never before has there been such an extensive and remarkable collection of ceramic pitchers that simply redefines the art. Juried by Terry Gess, this provocative color gallery presents 500 breathtaking images that include everything from handbuilt to wheel-thrown, practical to sculptural, round to square. A matte-black sake pitcher whispers simplicity of form. The irresistible surface of an Asian-inspired porcelain piece features stenciled motifs and luminous gold luster. One pitcher's geometric lines are so dramatic that it's a challenge to distinguish the handle from the spout. Whatever the approach, the results are all magnificent.

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