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Crochet Bouquet
by Suzann Thompson
Pub Date: May 2008
ISBN: 9781600591242
Format: Paperback, 132pp
all in color
8 X 9

Done in upscale yarns like chenille and silk, this garden will get intermediate-level crocheters grasping their hooks. A basics section explains how to create them all: Specialty techniques include felting, stacking the flowers, and stiffening petals. “Grow” dahlias, firewheels, primroses, sunflowers, and violets, and a series of projects incorporate the blossoms, including hats, backpacks, and pillows.

Author Bio
Suzann Thompson has crocheted and knitted since childhood. She writes about and teaches crochet, knitting, and polymer clay, and also exhibits her textile art.
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