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500 Ceramic Sculptures
by Lark Books
Pub Date: May 2009
ISBN: 9781600592478
Format: Paperback with Flaps, 420pp
all in color
8 X 8
Series: 500 Series

The successful 500 series shines a spotlight on today’s most breathtaking ceramic sculptures. Selected from more than 8,000 entries by the distinguished art critic, historian, and professor Glen R. Brown these exquisite pieces will inspire both beginning and professional ceramists, as well as collectors and enthusiasts. Every work is amazing.

Author Bio

Juror Bio: 

Glen R. Brown is a full professor of modern and contemporary art history at Kansas State University. He holds an MA and PhD in Art History from Stanford University, an MA in Art Criticism from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a BA in Art from The Colorado College. An Associate Fellow of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, he has dedicated much of his research to marginalized media in contemporary art. More than 40 of his essays have appeared in books and exhibition catalogs, most recently Object Factory: The Art of Industrial Ceramics, held at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. He has also authored nearly 300 articles and reviews for magazines such as Ceramics: Art and Perception, Sculpture, Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics Technical, American Ceramics, Cerámica, Ceramic Review, and World Sculpture News.

What Others Are Saying

Praise for the 500 series:

500 Books: Inspiring Interpretations of a Timeless Form

“In another entry in the lively 500 series…readers will view with no small measure of astonishment 500 variations on the theme of the book. A list of the materials used in these playful, elegant, improbable, and affecting creations includes plastic, wax, cloth, brass, wood, leather, hemp, vintage buttons, prairie grass and pine needles, glass beads and seed pods, ceramics, and found objects... Visually dynamic, these are also totemic works of art celebrating the power of words and story.”—Booklist

500 Tiles: An Inspiring Collection of International Work

“The contemporary tiles displayed on these lustrous pages vary splendidly in technique, style, and intent, ranging from exquisite to funky, realistic to abstract…Detailed yet concise technical information accompanies each remarkable work. No one who spends time with this pageant of ceramic creativity will ever take tiles for granted again.”—Booklist (starred review)

500 Baskets: A Celebration of the Basketmaker’s Art

“…clever, sometimes whimsical examples involve many types of media.”—Library Journal

500 Brooches: Inspiring Adornments for the Body and 500 Cups: Ceramic Explorations of Utility & Grace

“As compilations of the best work being done today, these visual delights are an inspiration for crafters.”—Library Journal  

500 Chairs: Celebrating Traditional and Innovative Design

“If you think you've seen all that can be done in designing chairs, think again…these 500 pieces are an amazing representation of the creativity and originality of the world’s most innovative builders.”— 

“As a maker of chairs and a fan of the form, I pick up most every book I find with the word ‘chair’ in the title...500 Chairs is perhaps my favoriteWhether your tastes lean toward the traditional or contemporary, functional work or artistic interpretations, you’re likely to find inspiration in this book.”—“Editors Blog” at

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