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30-Minute Earrings
by Marthe Le Van
Pub Date: June 2010
ISBN: 9781600594878
Format: Paperback, 138pp
all in color
8 X 9
Series: 30-Minute

Lark Jewelry challenged some of its best designers to create a pair of fantastic earrings in 30 minutes flat, and they enthusiastically delivered beyond our wildest expectations. This fantastic 60-piece collection of projects showcases an array of inspired, stylish, and just plain fun jewelry. They don’t demand a large investment of time or money, but do give jewelers the pleasure of sharpening their skills and enjoying spectacular results. The imaginative and diverse designs feature everything from elegant gold, pearls, and sterling silver to nontraditional and repurposed materials. Every one is gorgeous!

The 49 contributors include Sim Luttin, Lisa Cain, Rebecca Hannon, Raissa Bump, Ross Coppelman, Joanna Gollberg, Brenda Schweder, Davina Romansky, Ingeborg Vandamme, Eleni Avlonti, and many more leading jewelers! Also see 30-Minute

Author Bio

Marthe Le Van is the senior editor for jewelry and metals at Lark Books. Since 2000, she has written, edited, juried, or curated more than 30 titles. The books she's authored on making jewelry include Stitched Jewels, Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts, Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects, and The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry. Marthe has also served as the senior editor for all jewelry books in Lark's popular 500 series, as well as the juror for 500 Wedding Rings and the curator for Masters: Gold.

What Others Are Saying
"I have been really inspired by 30-Minute Earrings. (It) has beautiful, chic ideas that are instantly classy. Simple techniques lead you to awesome designs." - Candie Cooper, Savvy Crafter
"This is one of the most inspiring jewelry making books I have ever seen. The photos are clear and close-up. The designs are modern and unique. Just leafing through the book gave me inspiration for many different designs. This book is good for those wanting to take their skills to a new level, and for those seeking inspiration with their own designs." - Leslie Todd
"In this new release by Marthe Le Van, 45 designers share 60 pairs of earrings that you can make in 30 minutes. What better way to enhance your wardrobe than to cut, bend, string, saw, drill, hammer, and solder pieces of jewelry. The projects become more advanced as you progress through the book. Each is inexpensive, quick, and results in a pair of earrings to wear the same day." - Bead & Button
"(The book) features crisp photos that show even the most minute details of the pieces. I especially like the format of these books with their get set, get ready, go instructions. Get set helps you gather all the materials you’ll need for each project. Get ready lists each technique you’ll use during its creation. Go is just that – detailed, step-by-step instruction for making the design. There is a project for every skill set and some to help you stretch outside your comfort zone. Each project is quick and simple enough to complete in a small window of time, so no matter how limited you are, there is always time to create something of beauty. The many techniques shown in this book are sure to get your creative juices flowing so that you can create variations or original designs." - Craft Gossip

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