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30-Minute Necklaces
by Marthe Le Van
Pub Date: October 2010
ISBN: 9781600594892
Format: Paperback, 138pp
all in color
8 X 9
Series: 30-Minute Series
Lark Jewelry challenged jewelers to create a pair of earrings in 30 minutes flat, and the results were stunning. These wonderful jewelers have produced a showcase of 60 projects of pendants and necklaces that will flex jewelers' creativity, sharpen their skills, and produce spectacular yet easy-to-make and fun pieces. The innovative and stylish looks include everything from elegant gold, pearls, and sterling silver to nontraditional and repurposed materials. The 49 contributors include Seongbun Kim, Ingeborg Vandamme, Amy Tavern, Victoria Tillotson, Peter Hoogeboom, Nina Dinoff, and Brenda Schweder. Also see 30-Minute Earrings and 30-Minute Rings in this fun series!

Author Bio
Marthe Le Van has written, edited, juried, or curated more than 30 titles. Her books include Stitched Jewels, Modern Jewelry from Modular Parts, Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects, and The Art of Jewelry: Paper Jewelry. Marthe has also served as the juror for 500 Wedding Rings and the curator for Masters: Gold.

What Others Are Saying
"Get your hands on this book and expand your imagination as a designer. What a roaring success as a teaching accessory to expand your capabilities as a jewelry designer. This one is a complete winner." - Jean Yates

"For those who are ready to dive in, this is a fun 'make it quick' book. With 49 designers sharing their beautiful creations, there are plenty of designs to choose from. So, grab your tools and get working! The clock is ticking!" - Bead Unique magazine
"(30-Minute Necklaces and 30-Minute Earrings both) feature crisp photos that show even the most minute details of the pieces. I especially like the format of these books with their get set, get ready, go instructions. Get set helps you gather all the materials you’ll need for each project. Get ready lists each technique you’ll use during its creation. Go is just that – detailed, step-by-step instruction for making the design. 30-Minute Necklaces doesn’t disappoint with (its) variety of mediums and techniques. There is a design for every mood, from the playful upcycled stainless steel bobbin necklace that incorporates polymer clay from Sarah Gazia to the ornate elegance of Ann Lumsden’s butterflies. I love that the 60 projects are so unique and different to get you thinking in lots of creative directions and trying new techniques." - Craft Gossip
"Wonderful! If you are looking for designs to jump-start your own creative juices, you've definitely come to the right place!" - Beading Arts

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