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21st Century Jewelry
by Marthe Le Van
Pub Date: August 2011
ISBN: 9781600595219
Format: Hardcover with Jacket, 420pp
all in color
8 X 8
Series: 500 Series
The definitive art jewelry collection! 21st Century Jewelry features a decade's worth of memorable pieces selected from the prestigious and best-selling 500 Series, all gathered in one beautiful edition.
Juried by an international roster of jewelers, curators, and gallery owners, each design captures the power of jewelry at the start of a new century. This beautiful gallery book offers a wealth of priceless knowledge, as the experts describe what made a particular necklace, bracelet, or ring stand out to them. Jewelers, artists, and art enthusiasts all will be inspired!
This hardbound, keepsake volume will be treasured for its coffee-table beauty, valued for the inspiration it provides for artistic creativity, and appreciated for capturing the decade's finest work in art jewelry. 

Author Bio
Marthe Le Van has written, edited, juried, or curated more than 40 books. She was the editor for all the jewelry publications in Lark's popular 500 Series, the juror for 500 Wedding Rings, and the curator for Masters: Gold. Marthe is a member of the Art Jewelry Forum and the Society of North American Goldsmiths. She lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

What Others Are Saying
"For anyone who has a love of beautiful, unique and amazing contemporary jewelry, this is the book for you. Each stunning photograph showcases the amazing talents of a wide range of artists using conventional and not so conventional materials. Whether you are an amateur or an artisan, you can't help but delight in the craftsmanship and individuality of every piece shown.... This book will truly inspire you to push your boundaries, elevate your goals, and maybe even try something new." --Chicago Metal Arts Guild blog

“The most beautiful jewelry book to date from Lark Books and a must for everyone interested in contemporary jewelry.” - Harriete Estel Berman

“A fantastic compilation -- truly the best of the best.” - Cindy Edelstein
“A jewelry museum at your fingertips.” - Sig Wynne-Evans

“Visually stunning … (with) page after page of provocative work. And while all of that artistry is enough to feed the creative spirit, the thoughtfulness of experts who reflect on the best of jewelry in the past 10 years is even more compelling.” - Charlene Sevier
“A monster volume of work -- a collectible book full of collectible jewelry designs from big name artists from around the world: Shihoko Amano, Karl Fritsch, Giovanni Corvaja, and Peg Fetter, just to name a very small number of the many artists presented. The book is gorgeous! It is packed full of inspirational, contemporary, and cutting-edge jewelry on a grand scale with a variety of materials and aesthetic perspectives.” - Jewelry Making

“Among the most inspirational sources of jewelry design ... the best of the best.” - Bead&Button
“Eclectic, amazing, and truly bizarre pieces have been hallmarks of the jewelry in Lark's 500 Series titles published over the past ten years. This volume … dazzles with magnificent works created by an array of international artisans utilizing traditional precious metals and gems as well as such nontraditional materials as fabric, feathers, wire, paper, plastic, rubber, wood, leather, and even vegetables. The overall layout is clean and crisp, with the jewelry as the focus. This breathtaking compilation of outstanding and one-of-a-kind jewelry is recommended for individuals interested in creative art design and jewelry.” - Library Journal