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Building Green, New Edition
by Clarke Snell & Tim Callahan
Pub Date: August 2009
ISBN: 9781600595349
Format: Paperback with Flaps, 616pp
all in color
8 1/2 X 10


This groundbreaking book doesn't just tell you about “green” house building techniques: it actually shows you, with more than 1,200 step-by-step photographs. It’s been updated with a completely revised introduction, a bright new cover, and extensive online resource tie-ins. Also Available: Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House.

Author Bio

CLARKE SNELL has decades of experience in green building, sustainability, and low impact living. Author of The Good House Book (Lark, 2004), he lives in the mountains of western North Carolina with his wife in a partially-bermed, passive-solar house in a small intentional community they helped create. TIM CALLAHAN is a designer, inventor, and “recovering general contractor” with over 30 years of experience in a broad range of design and building projects. Together, Clarke and Tim run a design, consulting, research, and rabble-rousing network dedicated to the development of high-performance natural building systems. For more information, see their Web site at

What Others Are Saying
Praise for Building Green:
"Building Green chronicles the project from start to finish, combining the gorgeous photography of an architecture coffee-table book with the detailed instructions of a building manual." ­ —ReadyMade
"This large, generously illustrated manual is an excellent primer on owner-designed and site-inspired building." ­ —Publishers Weekly
"The most comprehensive and reader-friendly green building book...It's great for both the green building novice and expert." ­ —Builders Booksource
"This book is a must read for architects, builders, and all people who want to create a healthy home." ­ —Helmut Ziehe, Founder, International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology, Inc.
"Well-written and understandable with wonderful illustrations." ­ —Pliny Fisk & Gail Vittori, Co-Directors, The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

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