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Custom Crocheted Sweaters
by Dora Ohrenstein
Pub Date: January 2012
ISBN: 9781600597985
Format: Paperback with Flaps, 144pp
all in color
8 1/2 X 10

Presenting the only how-to guide to focus specifically on customizing crocheted sweaters, so you can create the perfect fit for every body type. Ranging from simple to more sophisticated, the 10 basic patterns selected by expert Dora Ohrenstein offer different techniques for adjusting and personalizing the design, construction, and shaping. With a wealth of diagrams and charts, along with photos of the sweaters themselves, Custom Crocheted Sweaters is the book that every crocheter has been waiting for.


Author Bio
Dora Ohrenstein lives in New York, New York. Her designs have appeared in Interweave Crochet, knit.1, Crochet Today, The New Crochet (Lark, 2005), and Fabulous Crocheted Ponchos (Lark, 2005). She is the founder and editor of the webzine Crochet Insider (, which features interviews with industry leaders, textile artists, and designers. She lives and works in Manhattan and, as a classically trained singer, also teaches voice.

What Others Are Saying
“Crocheting a sweater can seem daunting. There's the problem of matching gauge, getting a nicely draping fabric, knowing what size to make, and getting it to fit just right. Designer Dora Ohrenstein understands this, and in Custom Crocheted Sweaters, she takes the crocheter step-by-step through an overview of sweater construction, incluing understanding fit, reading patterns, and schematics, and shaping, altering, and finishing.” --Crochet! Magazine