101 Tees: Book & Extras Giveaway

August 17, 2011, 08:00 am  Posted by Lark

There’s a new book hot off the press that if you’re a female between the ages of 10 and 75 you should take a look at.  It’s called 101 Tees: Restyle*Refashion*Revamp, authored by uber-talented crafter and co-host of Creative Juice, Cathie Filian.  Cathie uses simple techniques like painting, dyeing, stenciling, cutting, stitching, and embroidery to transform a plain tee (or camisole, tank, etc.) into totally cute fashion reflecting the latest pricey trends.

Take a look at some of the fun designs, and keep reading for details about the giveaway!

Including variation ideas, Cathie has packed 145 simple, yet clever ideas into her book. In Cathie’s own words, “This book is all about giving you the potential to create your own designer tees for a fraction of the cost. Every chapter contains at least 10 original ideas, each with a new technique to learn or explore. Many of the tees are so quick and easy to make, you can be wearing one tonight.

We have a truly tee-rific collection of goodies to give away to one lucky winner: one copy of 101 Tees, six iron-on transfer images, a full iron-on flocked alphabet, a sheet of iron-on reflective studs, four heart-themed plastic stencils, and a bottle of silver stencil spray.


To enter for a chance to win, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, August 23. Any comment is fine, though we’d love to hear about your very favorite tee-shirt. One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries and notified by Friday, August 26. Click here for the official rules http://www.larkcrafts.com/craft-your-life/uncategorized/sweepstakesrules/.



80 Responses

    kathyS says:

    My fave T’s have always been white –this could change my mind

    Kristy says:

    Very fun! My girls would be thrilled if I won this!!! My favorite T is a solid color with gathered sleeves and neckline…simple and comfortable! (and I have it in more than one color! lol!)

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    Dplummer_54 says:

    What a fun book! I have a lot of keepsake t’s that would be fun to re-vamp!

    Elena T says:

    I used to watch Cathie’s show all the time and loved it!  My current fave tee says: Drink the wine, Melt the bottle because I make jewelry out of wine bottles.

    Ashevillejm says:

    My wardrobe def needs more DIY tshirts.

    Monica says:

    My favorite t-shirts tend to be a bit fitted, with fun sayings on them.  I can’t decide on just one, though!  

    Iris says:

    I wear mostly plain t’s. I would love ideas to dress them up.

    Dell says:

    My teenage daughter would love this. Thanks for the chance to win,

    Anygirl002 says:

    This book would keep me busy, I would lOvE to win it!

    Marlice says:

    My very favorite tee shirt was a white, long-sleeved shirt — autographed by my friends attending a party just for that purpose in Nashville, TN …. What a great tangible memory of a wonderful time in my life!!!

    Christi says:

    I am still in love with a t-shirt that is so old and loved it has holes.  It is navy blue and has a crazy turquoise octopus on the front, with suckered legs everywhere.  I have it in a drawer hoping to recreate it someday soon.

    Amibelle says:

    Looks like a super fun book that I hope to win! I have alot of favorite Beatles tshirts, but my most favorite one is a yellow baby tee of Abbey Road.

    I love gray tee shirts! I have one that’s a burnout tee, and it’s practically see-through! I love it, just gotta be careful what I wear it with!

    Nannie says:

    what a totally awesome gift!
    I’m mostly broke all the time and I would really love to win this so I can get creative with my shirts.
    My favorite one is a Senior tee I made with a friend of mine, brings back a lot of good memories!

    Kirsten @ studs-and-pearls.com says:

    101?! That’s so fun. My favorite tees are shirts of my friends’ bands. It’s such significant way of supporting their hard work and creativity.

    Kelly Massman says:

    This looks like a lot of fun! My favorite t-shirt is one that says “Kind” in embroidery over a heart. It was made by Amy Tan… Thanks for a chance to win this!

    Sue D says:

    My favorite t shirts are the old ones–really soft and I use them when I garden.  I would love to decorate t shirts for my grandkids.

    superdumb says:

    Ooh, this would be fun with my newly-minted second grader! My favorite t-shirt of all time was a Grease shirt with Sandy & Danny on a sparkly iron-on. My cousin’s boyfriend won it for me at a block party in NY, I must have been seven or eight…

    Pam L. says:

    What a fantastic way to “save” my old favorites… by creating new ones!  Some of my favorite T’s are those I acquired at a special artist conference or vacation trip.  How fun to be able to put a new spin on them so they look less touristy but still hold the sentiment. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

    Amanda C. says:

    Such a great idea–or 101 of them.  I don’t have a favorite t-shirt yet, but this book gives me lots of great ideas. 

    Dani says:

    I have a pile of tshirts needing revamping.  I would love this book to help me with that project.

    Janel says:

    I’m sure my daughter and I would have hours of fun with this! Plus, I’m all for saving money and looking good.

    Candy says:

    I need to revamp several of my T’s, just not sure how. This book would be a great help!

    Lizzie L says:

    I LOVE graphic tees!!!  Me please!

    I love anything to do with T-Shirts, they are the most comfortable clothing item!

    Paula Thequilter says:

    It always seems that my favorite T-shirt is the one that ends up with stains down the front. I have gotten very creative in camouflaging the stain(s). This book would hopefully give me new ideas.

    Jenn says:

    Oh wow!  I would so love to win this.  I’m a huge fan of t-shirts.  They go with anything and I love pairing them with cardigans.  I guess you could say I love solids, but the chance to refresh and old one with a new style sounds pretty fab to me!

    Mary says:

    This looks amazing!!My favorite T-Shirts always end up with holes from overuse!  It would be great to re-create them!!!

    jackie w. says:

    What a fantastic idea for a book!

    Jlpressler says:

    LOVE t-shirts! Especially ones that are embellished. I recently made my nephew a version of your reverse applique t-shirt for one of his singing gigs. He’s 22, and loved it!

    Sewinmusic says:

    I love wearing t-shirts, but hate how plain they are. I can hardly wait to try out some of the ideas I saw pictured in the book!

    Joyce says:

    Last spring they finally came out with a bunch of 3/4 sleeve T’s and I bought all my favorite colors and they are all sitting here ready to embellish with something for the Fall and Winter.  Maybe with this book I would actually get them embellished instead of wearing them plain cause I don’t know what to put on them!

    Corey and Holly Bedient says:

    I love t-shirts!  and have way too many of them, repurping them would be great!

    I was just thinking about upcycling a bunch of t-shirts, would love to have this book to do it! My favorite T is the baseball team shirt I sliced up last week. Took off the crew neck, the bottom and sleeve hems. Fits so much better on the female form. It is now quite comfortable.

    Jaye Gause says:

    I love comfy Tshirts and would love ideas to dress them up for wearing to the office.

    Sara A. says:

    I love the shirt with the ruffles! Such an easy way to turn a tshirt into something elegant!

    Sara A. says:

    I love the shirt with the ruffles! Such an easy way to turn a tshirt into something elegant!

    Cathy Kammer says:

    I’m excited to see what Cathie has in store in this book.  I’m a big fan of her crafty ideas, and the men’s stripe tee looks so fun!

    Rachel Fessler says:

    I’d love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Absolutely love that purple tee with the portrait collar!  My girls have spent many hours this summer reconstructing thrift tees into creations that reflect who they are.  This has been a lot of fun to witness.  We would love a chance at winning this book.  Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    Sewpeacedesigns says:

    I would love to give myself a new T-Shirt look.  This will be a fun book.  Thanks for all the work of putting it together!

    Andrea says:

    Would LOVE to win!!

    justval says:

    The three shirts in the middle row are fabulous! What a fantastic book!!

    Erin N. says:

    That book looks so fun!

    Allison Coe says:

    I couldn’t pick just one favorite.  I really only wear t-shirts…if I have to dress up I try to get away with wearing a new nicer looking t-shirt.  Sort of sad, but I love t-shirts!   If I would have to guess I would say I have at least a couple hundred t-shirts. 

    Woolensails says:

    I tend to stain my shirts, so being able to refashion them and cover up spots, would be a great idea, lol.
    I used to paint on tshirts, my favorite was one I did with marvey markers and acrylic paints. It was a fantasy design with a lady on a horse with a falcon. 


    Connie says:

    Those redesigned t-shirt are very nice!!

    Jeanettesorensen says:

    I can’t stand the commercial collars on t-shirts so cut them off to refashion my fave tees!

    I love that last t-shirt, I’m with the band!

    Annbordeau says:

    Looks like there is something for everyone in this book! What fun to be able to wear your art after you have the fun of creating it!

    My favorite t-shirt is one my husband wore about 25 years ago when he was on a softball league!  I love, love old vintage t-shirts and I like it that it’s cool to wear something old, oops, vintage!

    c_jdesigns says:

    Oh I definitely want to win this stuff.  Really cute tees.

    Julia McGuire says:

    WOW!!! Great giveaway. I love my soft t-shirts with a hip-skimming hemline, v-neck.

    Delight N says:

    Wow-the second life for your T-shirt, sounds great! Let me learn more about it! Can’t wait -who is the luckiest of us?!!!

    Love tee shirts with lace and/or ruffles Anything girly girl and Cathie always does it up right!!! 

    Kris Debus says:

    Love the guitar shirt awesome!

    SewLindaAnn says:

    My favorite t-shirt is an old radio station one I’ve had for years. It’s always the first thing to go on when I need some comfort.

    Poppy says:

    I love Cathie’s ideas.  My favorite tee is one that I bleach stenciled.  I’ve kind of worn out the stenciled shirts and could use some new techniques!

    Toshapratt31 says:

    Im so in love with this book! I hope I get one!! Love it!!

    Marsha says:

    I really like the white t-shirt with the ruffles.  It is nice to see ideas for altered t-shirts.

    Sarahdooo says:

    this book looks amazing:)

    Lindsay says:

    My favorite tee is red with little white polka dots and it ties at the shoulders. It’s getting worn out so I’m going to try to make a pattern from it but so far can’t find a fabric I like. I didn’t even think of getting a solid fabric and then doing my own embellishment!

    TiffanyNoelle says:

    My favorite tee is a solid black one you can dress em up or you can dress em down! <3

    I want to add a top to my gauze skirt but I want it dressed up a bit/ this collection would help.   Now the question is should I sew the top – add snaps  or leave it loose and removable?

    kristi says:

    Any tee with ruffles would be my favorite

    Playhardergirl says:

    I love nearly all tee’s, but I love them more with a dab of custom to them! YAY! I’d love to browse Cathie’s new book and take my shot at making those tees! I think my fav is the band tee and the fade one.

    Melissa says:

    What a wonder collection of goods and ideas.  Truly inspirational  Thank you for your generous giveaway.

    G Spindrift says:

    I have a T I made 10+ years ago using some sort of spot remover that bleached the fabric but can’t remember what it was. I have T shirts I have been saving that have stains and what not that would be great to do this with again. Hope this book can tell me how.

    Shaiha W says:

    My favorite t-shirt is one that I got 20+ years ago when I was in Amsterdam though it is getting kinda ragged

    andie says:

    Oh my! So many beautiful Tees! I don’t think I can pick a favorite, but I definitely love the appliques, and the random graphics…I’m really turned on by the mixed-media aesthetic!

    Muireann says:

    I bought a t-shirt that I really liked a few months ago. It was red, comfy, had a cute pic on the front, and was a great fit. I wore it out and was told that I’d managed to buy a t-shirt for the neighbouring city’s football team (um baseball? I have no idea!) and was told in no uncertain terms I couldn’t wear it here ever again! Oops… Oh well, if I win I’ll cover the cute pic with something new. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Kim Baehr says:

    I am always on the lookout for ways to redo a t-shirt. This book looks really cute. I can see getting the kids involved with these ideas.

    Julia Carter says:

    This is so cool.. I have been wanting to try my hand at making tees… I am sure this book is totally inspiring..


    Deborah says:

    I love 2 make different style T’s, and especially like the one that was amde into a bolero with a tie front!

    Redredreeves says:

    My favorite t-shirt was an old ratty long sleeve t that I got in Colorado on a high school ski trip. I turned it into a pair of pants for my toddler!

    Marilyn says:

    What a great book!  It would be fun to have a really unique t-shirt.  Another great give-away from Lark Crafts.

    nan says:

    Too late for the giveaway but wonder why the 75 yr cut off?? Nan at 80 you need a REALLY  spectacular t- shirt

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