You know it’s love…Seeking Sweetness via Cakespy.com

April 30, 2010, 13:42 pm  Posted by Lark

You know it’s love when a blog post makes you salivate. Not out of envy (hello, cute green sandals) or even boredom (insert high school government teacher here), but full-on cheek-cramping I-need-to-eat-that-RIGHT-NOW salivation.

This is what I usually experience when I visit one of my all-time favorite blogs: Cakespy.com.

Cakespy banner

Nope, not cakespie (although that is sort of relevant), nor anything to do with Sherlock Holmes. Cakespy—the art of sleuthing out sweetness everywhere. Genius, I tell you. And let’s be honest here: doesn’t that profession sound like one big ole’ slice of perfection to you? Because it occasionally makes me slightly woozy to think of spending every day researching bakeries, interviewing bakers, creating & testing recipes, and photographing delectable things like huckleberry bars and s’mores brownies. That is blogger Jessie Oleson’s life, friends. And she’s basically the coolest artist/chef/writer/host EVER.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been a regular reader, often during my at-the-desk lunch “break.” This is actually not the best time to meander through intoxicating images of dessert, as you may have already guessed. Quite often, I’m left feeling deflated about the un-remarkableness of my own lunch menu. (Seriously, who wants a microwaveable vegetarian thingy when one could enjoy a mini chocolate babka from Seattle instead?) But this doesn’t deter me, oh no. I endure this deliciously torturous blog day after day, often scribbling messages to myself for after-work hours (“buy pretzels!” “cookies for ladies’ night!” “cupcake liners!” etc. [these notes almost always end in exclamation points. Dessert! Happiness! that kind of thing]).

Cakespy also has its own mascot: Cuppie the Cupcake. If you haven’t seen him, you may be asking yourself, “Wow, how predictable is that?” And you’d sort of be entitled to that thought—until you saw Cuppie, that is, and then your heart would melt and you’d fall in love for the second time (the first time being, obviously, as soon as you typed cakespy.com into your URL browser). Let me tell you about one of my favorite illustrations of Cuppie called “Cuppie vs. Pie”: little pink-faced, red-cherry-on-top Cuppie stands toughly on the sidewalk, brass knuckles in hand, facing down the menacing Pie, who stands just as brazenly with a tiny dagger (switchblade?) at the ready. Take a look and just try not to hum the Jets’ fight song from “West Side Story.”

The recipes featured on this mouth-watering site are fantastic, and the handful that I’ve made at home turn out reliably well. And let me just say that this is a big deal, online recipes turning out well: maybe this doesn’t happen to you, but I’ve definitely stumbled upon an occasional e-recipe dud (see: miserably sunken chocolate cupcakes from a source we won’t name, or lemon vanilla cupcakes that burned [as in FLAMES IN MY OVEN] to the cupcake pan, also from a regrettably unmentionable source). A few of the winners from Cakespy that have been crowd-pleasers from my kitchen are: Salty & Sweet Brownies and Hot Cocoa Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, and I was inspired by the Cupcakes in Mason Jars post to send boxes of little jarred cupcakes to a slew of out-of-state friends.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is, I’m in love. “Seeking Sweetness in Everyday Life” is Cakespy’s tagline, and I think Jessie’s coined a life mantra here, as well as a valid enforcement of upping one’s dessert intake. Sure, I’ll seek sweetness in my life, sign me up. And maybe I’ll share a little bit of it, too.


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