The newly released 500 Cabinets showcases the craftsmanship and skill of today’s leading master and up-and-coming furniture makers. Juried by John Grew Sheridan, this photography book brings together an outstanding collection of innovative cabinets and casework from buffets to jewelry chests.

To celebrate the release of 500 Cabinets, we’re doing a special giveaway of a bundle of three recent books in the 500 Series, all of which have received sterling reviews and receptions: 500 Cabinets; 500 Tables, juried by Andrew Glasgow; and 500 Chairs, juried by Craig Nutt.

Christopher Schwarz, editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, says 500 Cabinets is a “cool new book … beautifully presented.”

The Christian Science Monitor calls 500 Tables “a feast of ingenuity, grace, and sometimes straight-up wit … (that) offers lessons in exquisite craftsmanship. You’ll be glued to your seat admiring the ingenuity of modern furniture makers.”

“These 500 pieces are an amazing representation of the creativity and originality of the world’s most innovative builders,” writes Barb Siddiqui of WoodCentral.com about 500 Chairs, and AmericanStyle magazine concurs, “This visually packed tome [is] the perfect eye candy for any furniture aficionado.”

These three inspiring books form a handsome set that will complement any home library (and be perfect for the coffee table!) and also make a wonderful gift. To be entered for a chance to win the bundle, leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, September 12.

Any post will do, but we’d love to hear about your favorite piece of furniture in your lifetime, past or present. (A past or present piece of furniture in this lifetime, that is, not a piece of furniture from a previous lifetime, although that also would be interesting.) Is it heavily or rarely used, functional or more of an art object? Was it the chair a parent always came home to and relaxed in? Something a great-grandparent made? What do (or did) you love about it, and what does it represent to you?

One winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, September 16.  Click here for the official rules, sit back in your favorite easy chair for a spell, and good luck!


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    Karen says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is an old four poster bed that I now use as my own. It belonged to my great grandmother, and I love that its little chips and dings tell my family’s history.

    Suze says:

    I love 500 Chairs! Checked it out from library, but would love to have my own copy. I like making whimsical chairs—painting, that is. My next chair is just for me, and it will be built on the them of a Wishing Chair. My fave piece of furniture right now is my dad’s old chair. He died a few years ago and I am so glad to have the chair.


    Janel says:

    I love a bookshelf that my dad made for my daughter. It has a super deep, tall shelf on the bottom for oversized books and tapers up to a top shelf perfect for small paperbacks.

    Carmen says:

    My favorite piece of furniture was my Grandfather’s desk. Unfortunately, when he passed a distant relative managed to get it. It is now used strictly for utilitarian purposes…the sentimental value to me, however, does not measure. Fortunately, I still have memories of sitting at that desk as a child. I pretended I was a CEO and had important business to accomplish and letters to write.

    Sewcalgal says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is a china hutch. It was my mother’s favorite and one that I grew up with, as a child. Always loved looking at the beauties inside of this beautiful cabinet.


    Elena Mary Siff says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is a table my mother made with 100s of tiny objects she collected throughout her life..Each object meant something to her and the assemblage of objects was covered with resin and then glass..She passed on years ago but the table is full of her essence.

    Willa Mcneill says:

    Favorites are always hard! Maybe my favorite is a small muffin stand that my dad made. He liked to work in black walnut. He died 12 years ago so every piece he made is precious.

    I love art furniture. Imaginative work. Would love to spend some time with these books.

    Merrie Jo says:

    I have 2 chairs that were my mom’s. She made needlepoint seat cushions for them and were part of our living room for as long as I can remember. They weren’t really for sitting…just beautiful to look at. When she died the only things I really wanted were those chairs. Shipped them from Michigan to Colorado and then moved them to Washington. They have a special place in our living room…again not really for sitting…just for bringing back wonderful memories.

    Tamie says:

    We have several pieces of furniture that were passed down on both sides of our family. Each one is special for different reasons. My husband’s maternal grandfather was a country doctor. One of my favorite pieces of furniture we have is his old doctor’s stool. It is in my closet and gets used every day (for outfit choosing, not doctoring)! I hope to be able to purchase some handmade furniture pieces in the future. These books would be great inspiration.

    nikki says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is a rocking chair owned by my mother that has been a fixture in every home we owned while I was growing up. It bears teeth marks on the legs where our puppy chewed on it when he was home alone, scratches on the arms and seat from lots of use over time, and it never fails to remind me of being rocked by my mom when I was little as she comforted my tears or rubbed my back until I fell asleep.

    Szingery says:

    I was ready to buy my first real furniture and in my early 20′s. Until then, I had stuff from alleys or donated by family … a regular college kid first apartment, but now I was working. I nervously marched into Carson Pirie Scott, somehow thinking real furniture had to be expensive. I do not remember what I went in looking for, but I found this gorgeous pecan harvest table. A bit shorter than a regular dining table, which I did not realize at the time, it folded open and the legs folded back … it fascinated me!! I looked around but kept touching this table. Because I’m from Texas, pecans are kinda my thing! I still have it and will never get rid of it. I felt all grown up then and when I need reminding, 40 years later, I can just stroke the wood and remember. It’s the only piece of furniture so evocative for me.

    songyue yu says:

    these books look interesting. i love furniture that have smooth curves.
    songyueyu at gmail

    durandconnie says:

    Would love to win these books. I like comfortable, functional, and interesting furniture. Adore hadmade items the most.

    Kghornsten says:

    When I was a little girl living in my favorite Golden Valley house my mom and dad built, I remember sitting in our beautiful tapestry sofa talking with my dad. This was 55 years ago when I was ten years old. I was talking to my dad about dying and how it frightened me. Always wise dad di not go into too many details, he just said, “When you grow up it will not frighten you anymore.” He was a very wise daddy and he left us all when he was only 59 years old. I will not forget that tapestry sofa and talks with my dad. I could go on and on about pieces of furniture and the memories they hold for me. It must be why I cannot let go of some of my favorite pieces.

    Clara says:

    I’ve moved many times over the course of my life, and the one piece of furniture that’s made it from place to place is my pine dining room table. It’s large and sturdy and has beautiful wood insets at each corner. Over the years, it’s functioned not only as a dining room table, but as a desk, an ironing board, and a place to make art. I love it.

    marcy says:

    Right before I was born my Dad built a wooden cradle for me in the kitchen of their small apartment. Now I am expecting my first child and I am excited to use the cradle for my little girl too. Someday she can use it and pass it down as well. When something is created with your own hands and out of love it just makes it that much more special.

    foxglove says:

    My favorite piece of furniture has to be an endtable I “embellished” when I was in grade school. I scratched my intitials into the little table, and man, I thought my parents were going to kill me. Still have no idea why I did it, other than a strange compulsion, but after all these years I have a soft spot for that godawful style of endtable.

    Cassie Moore says:

    My father, a woodworker, and his mentor Roger Brown, collaborated on a set of bedroom furniture for me. I am not sure what the wood was but it was a beautiful, light blond color. Roger made a bed, dresser, desk, and nightstand, and my father carved and painted a pretty green ivy pattern into all the pieces. As my dad gets older and has more free time, he’s always taking on fun woodworking projects and I love to see his creativity blossom, because it is something we share.

    Adam D Fisher says:

    The Maloof rocker is the most beautiful piece of furniture yet created in America.

    Elizabeth says:

    My favorite piece is an old Mission style oak rocking chair that my Grandma had. She re-upholstered the seat cushion herself, and did an amazing job. I was lucky enough to be the grandchild that Grandma gave the chair to when she downsized her home.

    Mizzliz says:

    My favorite pieces are the chairs made by Danny Kamerath in Dallas, Texas. He is an extraordinary woodworker and his designs are truly inspired.

    Sue Bleiweiss says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is the worktable that my husband designed and built for me for my studio. It’s a workhorse of a table (70″ x 36″) with 3 rows of 4 drawers that graduate in size and he put it on casters so I can easily move it around the room. I love it and every day when I work on it I feel the love he built into it when he created it for me.

    June says:

    Mine is a rattan rocking chair that has been in my family for years and I used it in the nursery for both of my girls when babies. Such good memories!

    Jeffnlainey says:

    Ohhh, serendipity! I was literally just thinking about making a coffee table. The book would be a great source of inspiration!

    Pat says:

    My favorite past/present piece of furniture is a step stool. My cousin made it for me so that I could reach the sink to brush my teeth when I was 3. Now I’m 63 and use it to reach tools in my shop cabinets. Needless to say I’m short. It is so simple but it has allowed me access all my life. However I mostly like functional furniture that is art. My favorite is the charm table I just finished. Each layer of this pedestal table represents an important event in my life much like a charm bracelet from childhood.

    Rich Brunson says:

    My favorite piece was this great coffee table my roommates and I had, from JGCustom Design, that served as the centerpiece of our living room. Four sections of the table top opened into storage compartments. We tried so hard to decorate that room to give off the vibe that we were ADULTS, and then you’d open up the compartments and trealize the table was jam-packed with video games!

    Dave Goldenberg says:

    must agree that the maloof rocker really stands out as an amazing piece of beauty and craftsmanship

    Nicole Zoltack says:

    My computer desk (actually it’s my hubby’s but I use it). As a writer, my computer is so important to me, and this desk allows me to have my notes scattered everywhere, right where only I can find them, and be able to type away when my muse is cooperating.

    Jaime Lyerly says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is a bookcase that was gifted to me by a co-worker. It was handmade by her husband and daughter, and they had enjoyed it for many years. They gifted it to me when I moved into my first apartment on my own. Not only does it hold the books I am forever collecting, but it is a reminder of the generosity of others when need it.

    Zach D says:

    I have a side table/shelf that I commissioned my friend to make in a trade (I make pots). It officially has me hooked and I can’t wait till he needs more pots or I can afford another piece from him. Beyond being a beautiful piece of art, the connection to one of my best friends as he truly has found his voice in his work is amazing.

    My favorites are all pieces found and salvaged (mostly by my dad): bookcases from the little school I used to attend, a cedar chest from an abandoned barn, and a wardrobe, a trunk.

    Henry says:

    My favourite piece is an old clover shaped table with 3 claws holding glass balls on the feet. That table has been in the family for a long time and I remember many many days playing near that table with my blocks or cars and wondering what kind of bird had 3 legs – hey, I was 4 at the time !

    Lolabunny57 says:

    My most meaningful piece of furniture would have to be a table that I inherited from my grandmother. She passed away a year and half ago. We went to her house everyday at 2:00 for over 40 years for coffee and sat around this table telling stories. I have so many memories of my grandmother every time I look at this table. It represents family, friends, love and laughter. I feel so blessed to now have it in my home. I still have the ceramic fruit basket on the table just like she did. I always thought that fruit basket was so ugly…….. Now I love it. I guess I am now seeing it through my grandmothers eyes.

    John says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is a small kid-sized table and matching pair of chairs my father made for me and my brother one Christmas. These pieces have lasted almost 50 years and my own kids have also grown up getting much use from them as well. It was only recently that I told my father that this was probably the best Christmas gift we ever received. My father was surprised, and with tears in his eyes he said he actually felt bad because money was so tight that year that he couldn’t afford gifts and had little choice but to make things instead. He thought we’d be disappointed, but the truth was the opposite. My kids are now grown and the table and chairs are safely stored away – perhaps for grandchildren of my own to use one day.

    Brent Skidmore says:

    The best piece of furniture ever made, still in production, is by far the Thonet bistro chair, No. 14. Or was it the Guadi bench, in Guell park, Barcelona, Spain (one of a kind). Well, it was really probably the Carlo Molino, Arabesque table or never mind all of this. It, the best pice of furniture that is, is still a two piece set (hint for anyone buying me a present), the Eames Lounge and ottoman.


    Brent Skidmore

    Martin says:

    Who wouldn’t want any one of these books? Oh the panchromantic playful possibilities…. Im inspired.

    brian says:

    I will never forget sitting in a Sam Maloof! It may have been a workshop demo piece because it wasn’t a rocker and I have never seen a picture like it. It’s been 5 years and I still think of this thing.

    Carl Stammerjohn says:

    As a furniture maker and teacher, I think of my favorite piece as one of my best works. It is my most recent piece, a hall table/cabinet. Made primarily of locally harvested walnut and unique in form, it’s something I’m especially proud of.

    wood says:

    unspeakably beautiful furniture ~

    ChipBBald says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is the chair I have at my desk in the den. It’s an old desk chair (pre-1930s) that was in my dad’s old store when I was growing up and is the only thing that remains from the store. His old coal, gravel, hardware, gardening supplies store had been in operation since the 1800s and was eventually turned into an Italian restaurant. I have many memories of helping out at the store as a young kid and sitting in that chair.

    Norman says:

    A small cabinet I made 3 years ago, “Standing Tall”. Although it is a smaller cabinet on stand it continually draws me in to open its doors and enjoy it. The aspect I like most about it is the slow ageing of the black cherry it is composed of. The cherry has aged gracefully and has developed a beautiful patina unatainable through artificial means.

    Kajsa Wikman says:

    That must be a little cupboard my dad made using an old window. I used it for my for my quilt fabrics in he beginning of my career (it became too small a long time ago): http://www.flickr.com/photos/sykossa/130679149/

    Tifi says:

    I have a wall mounted curio cabinet my man made me years ago, for the Lark Book–Salvage Style(p.123). Someone offered to buy it from him during the shoot, and we really needed the money, but he said, no, he made it for me. It holds fabric and mason jars full of my sewing notions.

    Chris says:

    I have friends that are in all three books. It is a great opportunity for designers, builders and for that anyone to have an opportunity to be published. Thank you Lark for supporting the arts!

    Joshua Lynn says:

    My favorite piece of furniture is an expresso machine cabinet I built in 2006/ 2007. The piece had a basic structure was lined with 3/4 in Pine clears, and featured two matching carved doors. The doors were carved to make a stylized heart shape between the two, the carving took over 70 hours to complete. To finish the piece I used a dark stain on the body of the cabinet and a light stain on the carvings. The piece was built in New Zealand and even though it was made for my ex-fiance I wound up donating it to my church before leaving and returning to the US.

    Jessica says:

    I think it would have to be a relatively new acquisition, a Danish modern wall unit from the early 70s. I love the clean lines and the vintage character, but the best part is that it now houses all of our daily periphera – schoolbooks, art supplies, tools and utensils, and tableware. It, combined with the farm table, is the center of our home. And it has one of those lockable pull-down bar cabinets. That’s just cool.

    Lrowlett says:

    I love the cover shot of the 500 Cabinets book. That one is my favorite. I recently had the pleasure of assembling a fine-furniture collective for International Wood magazine and pored over dozens of out-of-this-world designs. I wish I could splurge on some of these twisty-turny funhouse creations for my kids’ rooms!

    David says:

    The Eames bent wood Lounge chair is the one that really got me started thinking about making furniture myself. It remains a favorite.

    AutumH says:

    My most favorite piece of furniture has to be the arm chair my grandma keeps at her house. I remember crawling into it to curl up and read a book or watch tv while I ran my fingers over the wooden arms which were so smooth from people doing the same thing over the years. The fabric for the seat and back were threadbare but still colorful and the cushion always had a dip in the middle but it has lasted her through her kids and grandkids and will always hold a spot in my heart.

    mrsgrenat says:

    I love my antique phone table. My mother-in-law has an antique store and decided she didn’t want it in her store anymore (noone would buy it) so she gave it to me. After trying it out all over my house it landed behind my couch (it sits in the middle of the living room). My son (almost 3) adopted it as his place to watch tv and eat snacks. I love the design and plan to cover the old material with a fresh modern print and paint the wood.

    Pepe says:

    My favorite is an old trunk that belonged to my grandma, when my sister and I were young she gave it to us to store our toys, I was so little that I could empty it and fit in it, we would play with they toys just as much as we played with the trunk. We created our own adventures about “hiding” from pirates inside the trunk and finding their treasures inside it.

    Danny K. says:

    It’s worth buying 500 Chairs just to see Liz Carrigan’s beautiful and conceptual chairs. They are truly stunning.

    [...] This is an amazing little book that is a perfect gift for anyone that enjoys innovative and imaginative takes on artful furniture. Rhea Giffin is most honored to have her sculpted chair, Dali’s Darlin’ Ziraffe selected for this exquisite publication. This is the 3rd Lark book that has featured her work. http://www.larkcrafts.com/craft-your-life/500-cabinets-giveaway/ [...]

    Anonymous says:

    These all replies are really very nice and impressive,  My favorite piece of furniture is an old four poster bed that I now use as my own.
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    I have read the 500 cabinets.. I found the cabinets with the best craftsmanship which I was hunting from a long. Really I recommend this book to every one who is searching for a perfect furnishing and decor.

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