500 Paper Objects: New Directions in Paper Art—A Preview

January 28, 2013, 07:41 am  Posted by Lark

At Lark, we live more than a little in the future. Keeping an eye on things to come—possible trends, promising titles, potential sales—we’re always looking ahead (we’ve got books cooking clear into 2015!). The June release of 500 Paper Objects: New Directions in Paper Art gives us yet another reason to be fixated on the future. A new addition to Lark’s sensational 500 series and a title we’re positively thrilled about for 2013, 500 Paper Objects spotlights paper craft, a dynamic medium that’s in the midst of a renaissance.

 In this remarkable collection, which features the work of nearly 300 artists, paper—a seemingly commonplace substance—proves to be a material of near-limitless possibility, capable of accommodating a variety of visions and aesthetic styles. The book’s scope is surprising: There are traditional origami pieces, wall-scaling installations, and uncannily accurate facsimiles of everyday objects (check out Jennifer Collier’s Map SLR Camera below). The collection also includes a wide range of work made from recycled materials—record sleeves and vintage maps, insurance forms and phone directories. Upcycled and ingenious, these pieces are the epitome of creative conservation—smart art!

“It’s a great moment for the paper medium,” juror Gene McHugh writes in the book’s introduction. “The world is finally catching up to what those of us who love paper objects have long known: paper craft techniques aren’t just parlor tricks.” McHugh—an arts writer who is currently the Kress Fellow in Interpretive Technology at the Whitney Museum of American Art—viewed work by artists from around the world as he made his selections for the book. The result is an unforgettable collection that will forever change the way you perceive paper. 500 Paper Objects: New Directions in Paper Art is available for pre-order on BN.com. Stay tuned for more coverage of this terrific book in the weeks to come. In the meantime, enjoy the images below.



Red Riding Hood Paper Ring by Elsa Mora

 Untitled by Richard Sweeney

Little Fairy Tale Boxes by Marlis Maehrle

Bracelet Witch Hazel by Susanne Holzinger

Flower Child (Georgia O’Keefe) by Alex Queral

Map SLR Camera by Jennifer Collier

Euro Necklace by Tine De Ruysser

Sibille and Soprani by Daniele Papuli



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