A Nod to the Urban Bird

June 22, 2011, 11:10 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

Pigeons: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, if you live in a city they’re a part of the landscape. Sure, they can make a mess, and they can be pests–fighting over scraps of food and building their nests where they’re not exactly welcome–but a pigeon is just doing its best to get by. And a pigeon by any other name is really just a dove. (A Rock Dove, actually.) Think about that the next time one crosses your path, and read on for some fun pigeon facts and cool pigeon-inspired art.

Limited Edition Art Print by twoarms

I found some really cool facts about Pigeons from the Cornell Lab of Orinthology website. Like, did you know that both male and female parent pigeons produce a milk-like substance that they feed to their hatchlings during the first week of life? Pigeons are also monogamous, with mates pairing for life. Kind of softens your view on them, doesn’t it?

Watercolor painting by LightheartedDreamer

Pigeons can also see ultraviolet light–part of the light spectrum that humans can’t see. With their incredible vision, they’re sometimes used in human search-and-rescue missions. And then there are homing pigeons that can find their way home over vast distances. Ever seen a dove release ceremony? Once released, they get oriented and head homeward.

Wire sculptures by Sugarsusan

They can also carry messages. Did you know that 32 pigeons received military honors during World War I for their bravery in delivering messages? Amazing!

Pendants by adorapop

Next time you see a pigeon, check out its strut. Unlike most birds, who hop, pigeons walk or run with their heads bobbing back and forth. Dare I say that’s kind of groovy?

Pillow by intheseam

So, here’s to you Pigeon! As all of these wonderful Etsy artists can attest, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Visit their shops at twoarms, lighthearteddreamer, sugarsusan, adorapop, intheseam, and laferrera.

Collage from historic New York maps by laferrera

Collage from historic New York maps by laferrera


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    Loving all the bird stuff this month. I enjoy pigeon watching, especially here!!

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