A web gather ’round

April 26, 2010, 14:12 pm  Posted by Lark

As the Lark art department gathered round to think about the look of our new website, I had to note the old means and methods we employed: printouts of our favorite sites pinned up on a board; pens used for thumbnail sketches; and a floor strewn with sheets of paper — all to take in a pixelated future represented by the computer screen on a side table. To contemplate the other world of Web design, and maybe the creative process itself, we still rely on the tangibility of a sheet of paper in our hands for the ideas we have in mind.

I will admit it: I am a Neo-Luddite and a lover of books as objects, whether they are filled with another’s ideas or jotted through with my own. For me, there’s no replacing the feel at my fingertips when turning a physical page. The publishing industry I work in is turning it’s own page to view a digital future. The Internet used to be something that lowered productivity by distracting workers, and now the Web underlies most emerging business models.


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