This month’s publication of A Year of Pies has bakers and foodies everywhere excited to flour up the kitchen counter, grab a rolling pin, and bake up a bountiful bevy of buttery goodness.

Here is just some of the praise that has been coming in for the book:


“Well-thought-out recipes centered on seasonal ingredients…plenty of updated standards incorporating new ingredients or flavor twists.” – The Wall Street Journal


“Ashley English’s passion about pies is felt throughout her entire book…Her enthusiasm comes out through each and every recipe…It’s dangerous to read this book on an empty stomach.”  – About.com Baking


A Year of Pies is a great resource, especially if you’re new to pie making.” – Barbara Bakes


“This is definitely one of the most comprehensive pie cookbooks I have come across & certainly a delight to read & look at.” – Blog Critics


“I like Ashley’s book for its seasonally-minded sections, her great how-to photos and descriptions for the hard parts of pie making and for incorporating all kinds of great guest recipes, including many gluten-free options!” – The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking


“From fruit to nuts, and chocolate to whipped cream, you’ll find a perfect pie for every occasion in here and all the details you need to get it to turn out looking picture-perfect in your home kitchen.” – Baking Bites


“The layout and photos throughout the book are eye catching and very well designed.”
- Cute Everything


To further celebrate the publication of A Year of Pies, we wanted to provide a chance to win an autographed copy of the book. Just leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on Monday, September 3. Any comment will do, but why don’t you tell us your favorite kind of pie or a fond pie memory. One lucky winner will be selected at random and announced on Tuesday, September 4. Click here for the official rules. Good luck! This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Beth from Oregon for winning!

And don’t forget to check out my earlier post which provides a thorough overview of the book and the free recipe for the Fried Green Tomato and Pimento Cheese Tart.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-Setzer/1034088604 Kenneth Setzer

    Blueberry! Eating two slices was a big deal as a kid. Now, I could eat the entire pie.

  • Christa Hamilton

    My mom always make 2 pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving: one for us to share and one for my dad to eat all by himself. She’s done this for over 40 years and my dad still eyes his own pie throughout Thanksgiving Day to make sure no one touches it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow oh wow! I love every kind of pie, but my (not very original) favorite is apple :-)

  • Stacey E

    Hard to pick just one. Peach, cherry, pumpkin, banana cream. . . I don’t discriminate :)

  • Ryan Ball

    I love apple pie and blueberry pie, and cant wait to read Ashley’s book. The pictures on the front cover make me want pie right now at the office!

  • Dena

    I have a copy of this book already but I would love an autographed copy (to keep for myself, I’ll give the other away). I like all kinds of pies, but I can honestly say that when I failed to thoroughly read a recipe from A Year of Pies and risked botching the whole pie attempt, I was able to easily choose two other recipes from the book, employ their ingredients and bake times, and pulled off a delicious peach pie. It was my first! Love this book!

  • Beatrice

    My husband’s apple crumb pie has always been my favorite, until he made a fruit of the forest nut pie… so good!

  • Katherine Chapman

    I’ve already made one pie from this book a peach crumble pie. It was great, but that was a library copy, I’d love to have my own. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • emma cross

    pie for me is a good wholesome family meal that brings us all around the table, always asking for seconds!!

  • Danielle

    I’m coveting this book something terrible; I love pie. Sweet pies, savory pies, if it’s got a crust it’s calling my name. My favorite pie is a coconut creme pie made by one of the little old ladies for church potlucks. I must get her recipe!

  • Sarah

    My favorite pie is a lemon merinque pie! I like the Italian-style meringues.

  • mariah

    I love citrus pies: key lime, lemon merengue, etc. The tart taste of the citrus withe the sweetness is so lovely. Not to mention the fluffy merengue is like a cloud in my mouth. Yummy!!!

  • maria

    I love key lime pie! Though I’ve recently discovered strawberry pie, which is even easier and equally delicious, particularly with fresh picked strawberries from the farm.

  • Nicole H.

    Cherry pie is the best! Would love to try my hand at making some of the pies in this lovely book!

  • Lucinda

    fresh picked raspberry pie…mmmmmm!

  • Tracie

    I love sweet potato pie and pumpkin and lemon and berry pies… It might have been easier tomtellmyou what kind of pies I don’t like because I just love almost any kind of pie!

  • Jeanne

    Thanks for the chance. Strawberry rhubarb sounds good right about now. Cheers!

  • Amber webster

    This book looks amazing! Having grown up on an apple farm I love playing with and twisting tradition apple pie recipes but it was the standard classic that won the hearts of my husbands family way back in the begining. Biggest secret, fresh North Carolina mountain apples!

  • Handmade Retro

    For sweet I love and Apple and Cherry pie, for savory I love Beef and Guiness

  • Amber L.

    When I think of pie, traditionally, I always come back to my grandpa requesting a slice of cheddar cheese with apple pie. It just isn’t acceptable without it.

  • Lucy

    Weeee! Gimme that book, y’all!

  • Anonymous

    Yey for pies – I love apple crumbles with loads of custard. tasty!


  • amanda

    woohoo! love all of Ashley’s books, but I’ve been anxiously awaiting this yummy one, for sure! love savory, cheesy pies, as well as the standard fruity goodness such as blueberry and apple~

  • wordygirl

    Oh, I”ve been hearing about this one, and would love to have a copy. A “sweet” pie memory is of my best friend’s dad, like a 2nd dad to me. Our birthdays are a day apart, and we always used to share a slice of pie on his birthday–sour cream cherry for me, sour cream rhubarb for him. He passed away this February, but I intend to keep the tradition going. Sweet, simple tradition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ambre.sautter Ambre Sautter

    I was never a big cake eater growing up so my Mom would make me a banana cream pie every year for my birthday. Yumma!

  • Saralyn

    My Aunt TJ always makes my dad her famous raspberry pie for his birthday and I remember it being extra special (and tasty) when we got to have a slice of the treasured birthday pie!

  • Jen Powers

    I grew up with a fabulous pie baker mom and am so looking forward to this book! I can’t wait to get a copy and make a few new pies of my own. Ashley English is a wonderful author who’s book on Keeping Chickens and Canning and Preserving I just recieved in the mail. Keep up the good work Ashley, and I look forward to the daily blogs!

  • http://twitter.com/JoynessSparkles Joyness Sparkles

    Chocolate pie is my favorite, but apple pie brings back memories of my grandmother. She froze her own apples so that every visitor to her home got a taste of her apple pie, amazing!

  • Jennie P.

    I would love this book! My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin or sweet potato!

  • Denise B

    Lemon meringue

  • http://www.facebook.com/joyness.sparkles1 Joyness Sparkles

    My favorite pie is chocolate. The pie that brings back the best memories however is apple. My grandmother has always harvested her orchard and made tons of apples pies while also preserving enough to feed any guest apple pie all the way through till the next harvest! She can make an amazing apple pie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joyness.sparkles1 Joyness Sparkles

    My favorite pie is chocolate. The pie that brings back the best memories however is apple. My grandmother has always harvested her orchard and made tons of apples pies while also preserving enough to feed any guest apple pie all the way through till the next harvest! She can make an amazing apple pie!

  • Vicki T

    Oh my gosh! I would absolutely LOVE to have an autographed copy of this book. My most favorite thing in the world is to bake and pies is near the top of that list. For years my favorite pie has been French Silk but, that changed recently (about 2 yrs ago) when I found an amazing recipe for Coconut Cream Pie. It is THE best tasting pie I’ve had in a very long time and even those (my husband and one of my twins) has never like coconut and they absolutely LOVE this pie too. In fact, my son’s fiancee just made two of them a few days ago so we’re all in heaven right now and look forward to dessert the past couple of days. LOL (This son, his fiancee and 6 month old baby are living here right now so she’s having fun with some of my recipes and learning to make them like I do.)

  • http://twitter.com/tcrowley122 Patricia Crowley

    My favorite kind of pie is apple with streusel topping!!
    tcrowley122 at hotmail dot com

  • Maria Patenaude

    I love strawberry rhubarb pie. Discovered it as an adult when I lived in Massachusetts, and wondered where it had been all my life!

  • Penney Bidwell

    I remember baking deep dish apple pies with my grandmother. Those times in the kitchen are some of my fondest memories.

  • Jennifer

    My favorite pie would have to be cherry!!

  • Ruth

    Favorite pie – how do you decide? Apple, peach and pumpkin make the top, I think.
    favorite pie memory is finding this great place off the highway around Salem, OR that had homemade soups and pie – my first time ever having apple pie a la mode with a caramel sauce drizzle – heavenly!!! It was my first visit to the US as a kid and both the trip and the pie are very cherished memories. Now I live here but have never been able to find this place again…

  • Sarah

    My favorite pie is that of the strawberry variety, with a nice helping of whipped cream on top. An under-appreciated (or unheard of!) pie to most people I know, which made me cherish my mother’s home baked version growing up.

  • Nancy

    A mixed berry pie sounds good right about now! Mmmmm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/charleneanderson Charlene Anderson


  • Simona

    Seasonal apple-cinnamon pie is the best for me in the fall…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001133888624 Melinda Tennison

    I would seriously love to win a copy of Ashley English’s yummy book! I’m an avid baker and make pies all year round. My favorite is wild blueberry pie with fresh mountain blueberries. My favorite pie-related memory? Knowing that a friend’s fave pie, banana cream, was tough to find, I made a fresh one and left it in her fridge to surprise and delight her after a long day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emberj Melanie Lyons Johnson

    Pretty sure my favorite is apple…made one once from scratch that was delightfully flawed and still scrumptious. Paula Deen has a recipe for Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie that my husband demands at least twice a year now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Tonia Jeffery

    My birthday sometimes lands on Thanksgiving so I often get a birthday pie instead of cake and usually my cousin and I fight over the no bake cheesecake pie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jane.coombs88 Jane Coombs

    My favorite pie is strawbarb which I make in a pie pan that I bought at an estate sale many moons ago. The pan has a moat around the circumference that collects the juices that overflow from the baking. When cooled, family members use straws to suck up the delicious liquid. Bonus a clean oven.

  • Irene Lawson

    Nothing like a good pie to help get me out of the dumps. Best part is when someone else makes it for me!!! Maybe some new inspiration will get me baking! Looks like a wonderful book of recipes.

  • Merri B

    Nothing beats a quality apple pie!

  • Amy S.

    Pie! Sweet, beautiful pie! Every Thanksgiving my family gives me my own pumpkin pie and a container of Cool Whip. It’s terribly disgusting, but I make myself sick eating several pieces COMPLETELY COVERED in Cool Whip. I even crocheted a pumpkin pie!

  • Twinymela

    I love pies!!!!

  • Stephanie W

    This looks beautiful! I always love a homemade lemon meringe- the silky curd, the airy meringue, and the knowledge that a whole lot of energy and love went into it!

  • Kimberly Diebolt

    Gotta love apple pie!

  • Mandy and Justin Needham

    Love, love, love apple pie! :)

    Plus, my husband and I love to cook together, so it would be awesome to win this book! :)


  • Kristen S

    I love key lime pie!!! But not as much as I love Lark Crafts!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Key lime pie is my favorite!

  • Camdeon

    My favorite pies to bake are pecan, lemon chess and chocolate.

  • BeadHostage

    Chocolate meringue pie is my favorite.

  • CAD981

    I’d like to try more savory pies. This book should have some good recipes for that.

  • CoCo

    that’s a beautiful cover on the book…makes me want to see what’s inside :)

  • Carmen

    I loved learning how to bake pies in my high school Home Economics class. Those lessons on how to bake a crust and cook a milk based custard pie filling are not just fond memories. After all those years, I still use the info today. God bless my teacher.

  • Beadfairie827

    Could the pie be the next cupcake? Cupcakes used to be a hot trend. Perhaps it’s time for the pie to be the next trend ;)

  • Cathie

    I’m almost of the opinion that I can’t make a good pie crust to save my life. This gives me hope.

  • Sarah Dillard

    I love apple pies and pork pies, which I once put apples in, mmm best of both worlds!

  • shelby

    Nice book! We plant fruit trees just so we have enough of our own to make PIE!
    Can’t wait to spend the winter making these pies!

  • shelby

    Nice book! We plant fruit trees just so we have enough of our own to make PIE!
    Can’t wait to spend the winter making these pies!

  • syannelevovna

    I love a large pie, but there are times I just want to sneak a tiny, pocket-sized Drake’s cherry or blueberry pie. The glaze on top is what makes it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=193307863 Lanae Workman

    My favorite pie is Pecan. But i have a funny pie story. :) When I was dating and then got engaged to my husband, my family decided that we needed to have my future in-laws over for dinner. I was so excited to get to showcase my baking skills for them and show them what i could do, so i was going to make 2 different pies for dessert. I found this recipe for Cheddar Pear Pie in a recipe book (it had excellent reviews and comments) and i like the combination of cheddar cheese and pears, so i though.. yum. I’m going to make that one. Well that was a BAD idea! The pears were mixed with a starchy sugary sauce and then topped with a mixture of shredded cheese and flour. When it came out of the oven it looked like someone had thrown up in my pie pan. The pears were all mushy and floating in a soup like consistency goo and a thick layer of oil from the cheese was on top. It was SO NASTY!! Just as i was taking it out of the oven the doorbell rang and they were there. There was not enough time to throw it out. They saw it. I was so embarrassed and didn’t want anyone to eat it, but my brother and husband decided it needed to be tried. They said it wasn’t bad, but that it looked so gross they could hardly keep it down. Luckily i had made 2 different kinds of pie and the raspberry and chocolate cream pie was delectable and everyone loved it. Now every time i even mention that I’m making pie everyone yells, “not the pear cheese pie!” One pie out of thousands, and now I’m a horrible pie maker! :) oh well. it was funny!

  • http://beingsarah.girlnamedgo.net/ Sarah

    I’ve been hearing great stuff about this book, and really an entire book of pies is almost too exciting. I remember once trying to make a pie and having none of the ingredients in the recipe! After stopping by to visit the neighbors and gather supplies, we finally had enough to make a loose version of a maple walnut pie. It turned out well and made for a great story.

  • Meagan

    There are few things better than apple pie a la mode!

  • Seedybeans

    My dad is the pie man in our family- I would love to give him a copy of this book as a gift- he would eat it up!! HHEHEEHE

  • Susan Lambert

    I am ready for PIE!!!!!!

  • Christina Aiton

    I love eating leftover pie for breakfast

  • Heather W.

    I love a good Shepherds Pie. A Strawberry Pie is also divine.

  • Larkin Watson

    I love pecan pie, but the only pie I’ve ever made is pumpkin from a can! How terrible! I’m really hoping to overcome this- starting with this fabulous book!

  • Kristin

    My favorite kind of pie is apple, of course. :) So delicious!

  • Meg O’Donnell

    My favorite pie is chocolate pudding pie :)

  • Kevin K

    My new favorite is raspberry cream, the latest slice of heaven from my talented wife.

  • Gloria

    Key Lime pie is my favorite!

  • trina-lea briggs

    “Let them pie” is this girl’s motto!
    And book in hand I am sure it will be the best pie ever!

  • Kaitlin Jenkins

    Strawberry is my favorite for sure!

  • christine

    Marionberry pie!!!

  • Kathleen

    Pumpkin for sure!

  • Molly Hamilton

    One of the best pies I’ve made was a chocolate ganache tart topped with fresh raspberries and dusted with powdered sugar

  • Kim

    I remember my grandma rolling out the dough, after pinching off the dough around the edges she would give us the extra and we would run outside hop on the tree swing and eat like kings….simplicity ! It would be a tie between peach and sour cherry for me:) Thank you for the kind offer.

  • Joi

    How about I just say that Ashley is my homesteading hero!

  • Jenny

    I absolutely love pies, all pies. My family does also. When we have birthday gatherings or wedding receptions we make pies. My favorite pie is coconut cream! Thanks for this opportunity to win the cookbook.

  • Lori

    I am so excited by this book! I am a stress baker and baking pies is my baked good of choice to bake when I am stressed.

  • Ashley Moore

    My favorite type of pie is chocolate cream pie!

  • Tammy

    My mom used to pride herself on making a great pie crust. She’d try anything and everything, but I remember her distinctly saying to me, “now Tammy, everything has to be cold– remember that. That’s what makes a flaky crust…”. My mom passed away 12 days ago (August 22nd) –1 week shy of my 40th birthday. Yesterday, we were getting ready for a small dinner party and I was rolling out the crust for a blueberry pie, I was gently reminded of her admonition so many years ago, I think she’d be proud!
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Rissa

    My mom is a pie baker as well. She has a memorable crust that has an egg and vinegar. It is the only crust I use anymore.

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