Ahoy there Duck!

May 18, 2010, 17:13 pm  Posted by Lark

While walking along the beach taking in the natural beauty I noticed the ocean had washed up an enlightening surprise: a sea-faring rubber ducky! A lovely find I could give to my co-worker, the curious collector, who loves all sorts of duckies. I was glad to pluck this wandering soul and deliver it to a new home.

Where did this fellow come from? The number atop his head suggests a race. How long has this traveler been at sea? Enough for the sun to fade away the yellow, and cover the bottom in a growth of descending tendrils. These questions leave me with a bigger question: What about the stuff that doesn’t wash ashore?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is an ocean gyre where a multitude of discarded items accumulate, most of which is plastic. David Edgar discusses this dismal destination in Fantastic Recycled Plastic, and as an alternative, offers projects that transform plastic bottles into art worth keeping. So watch out for escaped plastic—go make cool stuff to keep—instead of letting it add to the floating debris.


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    ShannonYokeley says:

    Duckies live forever! I love it when I'm gifted with a new duckie for my collection, and this one is totally unique. I keep wondering what kind of adventures this duckie must have had during the journey it took. But, now it is safe with other duckies to keep it company. Thank you for the wonderful addition to my collection! —Curious Collector

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