Back(pack) to School

August 24, 2011, 16:37 pm  Posted by Beth Sweet

 Ah, the Back to School Season is upon us. I still remember that early, giddy sense of anticipation as I’d organize my pencil box, stack new workbooks into neat piles, and plan my outfit for the first day of school. As the years progressed, of course, that giddiness was slowly replaced by a sense of dread—summer vacation never felt long enough. [Side note: my AP English teacher in high school posted this quote from Dante’s Inferno over his classroom door “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” It was completely appropriate.]


Despite those times of sweet sorrow when the summer ended and classes began, it was always a treat to have that “new thing” for going back to class, whether it was a new book, new crayons, a new haircut, or even just a lot of rest and relaxation from the break. One of my favorite new things was a new backpack—that trusty cornerstone of the student experience.


These Etsy artists sure have the backpack mastered: from cute and clever to streamlined and sophisticated, this array of creativity has me feeling that Back to School eagerness all over again. Thanks to the talented designers featured below for creating such amazing work!

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The Rucksack in Cinnamon Brown  |  by infusion


Backpack for Laptop and More  |  by helekstudio


Canvas Drawstring Backpack – Baby Elephants  |  by packsandtotes


Grey BackpAck  |  by k1000art


Handmade Owl Patchwork Backpack  |  by AnApple


Waxed Canvas Backpack  |  by swiftindustries


Skip Hop Zoopack Fox Backpack & Elephant Backpack  |  by paperandpolkadots


Backpack Patt – Recycled  |  by mariclaro


“Bearded” Screen Printed Backpack  |  by depeapa


Plywood Chairs Simple Backpack  |  by mediumcontrol


Japanese Vintage Kimono Flap Backpack  |  by TamamiKoBag


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  • Kristy

    Great. Thanks for including the Medium Control, much appreciated! 

  • http://www.paperandpolkadots.com Melissa Jones

    Just as you, I’ve never outgrown the love of school supplies!  I personally have quiet a selection of backpacks and totes but never too many!  Thanks for including a few of ours!  - Melissa

  • K1000art

    Fabulous collection !  Thank you so much for including us !
    Greetings from Barcelona !


  • Suze

    What talented crafters! Would love to have them all!

  • Abby

    Thank you so much : )