Celebrating A Year of Pies

November 06, 2012, 12:11 pm  Posted by Lark

Here at Lark we really do care about every single book we work on. There are some books, though, that we wrap our arms around just a little bit tighter. A Year of Pies is one of those books for me. Working closely from start to finish with Ashley English on this seasonal exploration of pies was a sincere pleasure (don’t even get me started on the photo shoots!). It therefore thrills me to no end to see the book so well received once published. The enthusiasm for the book has been huge.

Booklist honored the book by placing it on its list of 2012 Top Ten Food Books. The San Francisco Chronicle included it on its list of Food Books That Make Great Gifts. It’s also been praised by The Wall Street Journal, USA Weekend, Design*Sponge, and Soule Mama to name just a few. And our crafty friends at Etsy just posted a fantastic recipe feature from the book today.

Here are some great quotes singing the praises of the book:

“Pie is one of those nearly universally loved dishes. It’s beautiful, delicious, and incredibly versatile. However, you would think that after a few centuries of tweaking this quintessentially American food, there wouldn’t be a whole lot left to say about it. Ashley English not only proves this wrong, but she manages to make us look at pie in a new light. From the decadent Chocolate, Coffee, and Orange Marmalade Tart to the veritably heart-warming Curried Winter Vegetable Pie, English sparks the impetus to dust off the old pastry blender and 9-inch pie pan and make something delicious…Prepare to be transported by her infectious enthusiasm and independent spirit.” – The Joy of Cooking

“Ashley English’s passion about pies is felt throughout her entire book…Her enthusiasm comes out through each and every recipe…It’s dangerous to read this book on an empty stomach.” - About.com Baking

“Ashley English’s new cookbook, A Year Of Pies: A Seasonal Tour of Home Baked Pies, offers much inspiration. Seasonally organized and brimming with both sweet and savory pies, the book gives step-by-step instructions on all the technical details of making pies, from tools, to crusts, to decorating. It’s packed with useful and good-looking photography, and a host of recipes for pies (and tarts, quiches, and galettes) made with both traditional and innovative flavor combinations.” – Garden & Gun

“This beautiful cookbook is destined to become your go-to resource for all things pie. It’s that good!” – Non-Consumer Advocate

“I like Ashley’s book for its seasonally-minded sections, her great how-to photos and descriptions for the hard parts of pie making and for incorporating all kinds of great guest recipes, including many gluten-free options!” – The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

“A unique cookbook, that contains enchanting photographs of the ultimate in homemade comfort food—pies… Ashley English’s instructions provide valuable tips related to the authentic baking process, which ensures a scrumptious finished product every time. Her organization and presentation of colors, spot-on selection of fruits and vegetables for each season, even her compilation of instruction fonts all work together to remind us of the true beauty of food, and the ever-present passion required to make it not only tasty, but soulful.” – Crescendoh


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