Craft & diorama fun featuring Peeps!

April 20, 2011, 09:51 am  Posted by Lark


When Easter comes around, what sweet treat do you think of? Chocolate bunnies? Jelly beans? I immediately think of the sugary goodness of fluorescent Peeps. No Easter basket is complete without some Peeps! Yellow chick Peeps. Pink bunny Peeps. Chocolate covered Peeps. All kinds of Peeps! Who doesn’t love Peeps? And even if you don’t like their marshmallowy goodness (are you crazy?!) aren’t they still the cutest things ever?!

Peeps have moved beyond just being a sugary Easter treat. There are some awesome dioramas being created, featuring Peeps in various settings from rock concerts to soccer to Peep weddings. And haven’t you always wanted a Peep necklace or Peep scarf? No worries! Some amazing crafters have turned Peeps into jewelry, crocheted plushies, and more. Continue on for some of my favorite finds…

Etsy peeps

1. peep charm bracelet – bunny by thelittleschremlin; 2. Easter Peep Chick Earrings by thegreatvorelli; 3. Beep-Peep Fine Art Photography by Seedsstudio; 4. Marshmallow Peep Bunny Keychain in Pink or Yellow by BitOfSugar; 5. Needle Felted Easter Peep PATTERN by radmegan; 6. Easter Marshmallow Peeps Dangle Earrings by PuddingPieBodySweets; 7. Blue Peep Earrings by SuperSweetSwugglies; 8. Peeps Hand painted decorative eggs by TinyStarStudio; 9. Four Marshmellow Chick Charms by Heathernwells; 10. Fancy Peeps Pink Glitter Tee by 2sleeves1collar; 11. Marshmallow Bunny Scarf PDF Knitting Pattern by wrchili; 12. 2 Easter Peep Marshmallow Bunnies by CheshireFelixCrafts

diorama peeps

1. Peep Floyd by kimsworldofart; 2. Peep Tuesday by lonecellotheory; 3. Peeps Helping Peeps by American Red Cross; 4. The Wreck Of The Edmund Peepsgerald by puliarf; 5. Peeptown Cupcake by jenna_huntsberger; 6. Street Musicians by ShellyS; 7. For SOME reason, Eduardo found it difficult to concentrate. by iseeum; 8. Peep Scouts ready for adventure! by Hiwa Lani Girl; 9. IMG_1444 by joelogon; 10. Peep dress-up party with cake! by Carolyn Hampton; 11. Day 087/365 – A Peeps March by Great Beyond; 12. Peep Jousting! By pjangelfish; 13. We Come in Peeps by belle309kt; 14. Peepquality for All! (2) by Bernie Cakes; 15. Nobel Peeps by fallentomato


For more fantastic Peep dioramas, visit The Washington Post for their yearly Peeps Diorama Contest.

And be sure to visit the official Peeps website for trivia, crafts, and recipes.


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