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October 06, 2010, 11:05 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

Pull up some chairs, call all your friends, and gather your supplies–Craft-In is here!!!! Now, Craft-In is not your typical craft book; it’s more like a box of crafty wonder. It’s a box-set of 12 craft booklets featuring all indie crafters. Each booklet features a craft project by a different indie designer, with step-by-step photos, tips, inspiration, and suggestions for your own crafty gatherings.

Imagine stumbling into the living room of your favorite crafter, hanging out, having a little nosh, listening to music, and crafting together with a bunch of your friends. That’s Craft-In! There’s even a little invitation that you can embellish and send out for your own crafty gatherings. And, we’ve got digital invitations too!

Craft-In box cover and a peek at the little invite you can embellish for yourself.

Check out all the booklets! Projects include jar lid masterpieces, natural cupcake makeovers, cruiser hula hoops, sock creatures, crochet cacti, pet portrait embroidery, mint tin worlds, felt strawberries, shrinkable plastic jewelry, terrariums with sheep (more on that below), retro paper dolls, and culture logs. Phew. I told you it’s a box ‘o crafty wonder.

1 box + 12 project booklets = crafty box of wonder

Here’s a little video you can play to get into the Craft-In spirit!

Are you feelin’ it? Good. Do you like sheep? (Stick with me; it gets even better.) Mini sheep? Mini needle-felted sheep that you can place in your own Craft-In inspired terrarium? Well, you’re in luck, because to kick Craft-In Wednesdays off, you have a chance to win not only a copy of the full box-set of Craft-In, but your very own needle-felted sheep as featured in the Craft-In booklet Little Ireland by Maura Okuley. Look how cute! Invite your friends over to make your own awesome mossy terrariums (and sheep!) with a customized invite.

To be entered for a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post by 9pm EST on Wednesday, October 13th. I’d love to hear about your own Craft-In style. If you could pick one indie crafter to craft-in with, who would it be, and why? We’ll announce the randomly chosen winner on Wednesday, October 20th. Official rules are here. Good luck! And see you next Wednesday for the next Craft-In giveaway…wait till see the next project we’re giving away!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Bev for leaving the winning comment, as determined by a digital drawing at random.org. Hope you enjoy the little sheep and the copy of Craft-In. Be sure to share the projects you make from it; we’d love to see!


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