Crafty Baths for Birds — Free Project

June 09, 2011, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark

In keeping with the salute to our feathered friends while simultaneously giving a nod to crafts, I want to talk  birdbaths. I’d like to share how to make this great Leaf Bowl which I think would make an awesome birdbath—or bird feeder for that matter. So here are the instructions, from Sherri Warner Hunter’s Creative Concrete  Ornaments for the Garden.

In addition I wanted to show images of all types of other clever crafty birdbaths. But when I started poking  around online I found a Flickr group that stopped me dead in my tracks: Birdbaths in mosaic. It combines two of my loves: birds and mosaics—actually three, I love baths, too. The bright colors, the intriguing designs, and the tactility of glass, tile, and grout all ring my bell.

I like the geometric look of this piece by Megan Cain Mosaics. The flowers feel Art Deco and groovy to me.

Check out the 3-D flowers on the very cool birdbath by Moe’s Ache.

You can bet Betty McNaughton of RatherBMosaicing was having a blast when she made this Bbath. Check out the cup handles radiating out from the rim—fun, huh?!

Wow-ee. I think that about covers it. By Linda Hooper.

This one by Susan Walden of Bamasusanna is all geometric  with an Old World Romanesque flavor.

Bedazzled with festive gems by J. Elizabeth (Jane) Wright.


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