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December 05, 2013, 12:00 pm  Posted by Kevin Kopp

Try adapting this idea for the holiday gift-giving season from the book Stamp It! Make a few easy-to-draw templates and carve the designs on rubber pads so you can stamp your own creation on wrapping paper and gift tags.

The illustration below shows an example that includes a flower. But you can fashion a template of your own design — trees, snowflakes, holly, stars, candles, menorahs, birds, etc. — by making a simple drawing. Then you can add a truly cool, extra personal touch to any gift you give this year.

Make your own holiday-themed template and then merrily stamp it to create beautiful, unique gift wrap

You’ll need some basic tools for stamping, including translucent paper, rubber for carving, colored inkpads, linoleum cutter and blades, and a sharp craft knife. Then, let your artistic nature flow. Go ahead, do it. It’s fun!

Get started now by downloading this  PDF for stamping instructions to make wrapping paper and tags.

Get a copy of Stamp It! for more great ideas about printing with handmade stamps

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