Do you love zombies?

October 15, 2012, 14:25 pm  Posted by Lark

zombieBraaaaaaiiiinnnnsss… nom, nom, nom.

It’s Halloween time, and you want to show your love of all things zombie, but you don’t want to turn yourself into a horror show extra covered in blood splatter. Instead, how about some cool wearable accessories to show your zombie affiliation? Or some zombiefied decorations to stash around your domain to scare visitors who dare to enter?


Brain necklace? Skeleton hand hair clips? Zombie shoes? Yes!

zombie accessories

From left to right: Zombie Heart Locket Necklace by rapscalliondesign; Zombie Lolita Cocktail Ring by feralstrumpet; Poor Charlotte Cameo Necklace by EternalAutumn; Zombie Brain Brooch by sugarandvicedesigns; Zombie Corpse ‘Day of the Dead’ Skelehand Earrings by XoGetDolledUpXo; Zombie Food Necklace by rudeandreckless; Zombie Hands Earrings by SincerelyTwisted; Bloody Green Zombie Brain Ring by DuckMagic; Zombie Crochet Skull Pin by JulianBean; Green Exposed Brains Headband by JanineBasil; Bright Green Zombie Skeleton Hand Hair Clips by PinMeUpAccessories; Custom Zombie Feet Shoes by weregoat


Zombie terrariums are great, but beware the brain-eating squirrel.

zombie decorations

From left to right: Brains Cross Stitch Sampler by aliciawatkins; Zombie Apocalypse Starter Kit by FaerieNest; Felt Zombie Bunny by nuffnufftoys; Zombie Squirrel Eating Brains by snew; Undead Paper Toy Zombie by agorables; Halloween Zombie Mask by auntydonut; Zombie Paper Dolls by charlotteandstewart; OOAK Radioactive Green Zombie Bear by Slersk; Zombie Bunny by Skeeboo


And if you REALLY love zombies and don’t mind a little splatter and makeup, take some inspiration below from some of the zombies that participated in Asheville’s annual zombie walk.

zombiesZombie Walk photography by Matt Johnson.


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  • Slersk

    Thank you for featuring my Zombie Bears!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rayhemachandra Ray Hemachandra

    Shannon, for the rest of my life, whenever I see dead, rotting corpses walking around, I’ll think of you.

    And I know you like that!