Doodle Landscapes

June 15, 2010, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark

I remember spending hours on the phone as a teenager filling up any piece of paper within reach with intricate patterns of swirls, loops, and curlicues. It was a distraction, sure, but it was also a way of tapping into something playful and free. And who amongst us hasn’t found themselves taking pen to paper during a long meeting, chronicling the meanderings of the imagination with silly, funny, whimsical illustrations? In my book, doodling is divine.

And it was doodling that came to mind while browsing through some of my favorite Etsy sellers. Now I’m not saying these talented Etsy sellers are doodlers; they are without a doubt accomplished artists. But I do see something in their work that captures that same spirit of freedom and informality of the doodling hand.

Lilac Moon Studio

Jinnie at Lilac Moon Studio in San Francisco crafts what she affectionately calls Poladoodles, drawings and collages directly on Polaroid photos. Her work has been featured on the likes of Poppy Talk, Design*Sponge, and Apartment Therapy.

Michelle Mood

Michelle Mood‘s lovely mixed-media works on paper are evocative of doodles and yet infer a richer subconscious landscape. Steeped in the non-linear nature of memory, her pieces often combine paper, ephemera, drawing, tea and ink staining, stitching, and beeswax. Just click on her archive of sold items, and you, too, will find yourself transported.


Portland based Colorworks offers up delectable little encaustic paintings (a personal passion of mine) and reproductions of those encaustics. These lovely collages of nature-inspired studies are always made with refined beeswax and recycled wood bases, a plus in my sustainability-minded book. I find her more abstracted works to be lovely visual contemplations on color and form.


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    What a beautiful way to express yourself. I would have never thought of this in a million years.

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