Etsy Favorite: Picnic Inspiration

June 08, 2010, 16:38 pm  Posted by Lark

Do you have a staple accessory that just rounds out your daily wear? You know, that thing you view as an integral piece of your wardrobe? Whether you’re going to the ballet or walking the dog around the block, it’s whatever “completes” you. That thing.

For me, it’s earrings. I LOVE them. Not in a crazy always-with-the-trend way, but rather in an I-just-feel-better-with-them-on sort of way. And because I wear glasses (and don’t normally rock necklaces), earrings are sort of the perfect accessory in my book.

Red Gingham Post Earrings by Fall or Fly

Now that it’s summer, it’s easier to wear the bigger and more involved earrings in my collection with greater ease (no winter scarves to impede them!). Oh so much fun. Also in the vein of summer fun, I’ve been thinking a lot about hikes and picnics and Shakespeare in the Park. This sparked an idea: just like the genius combos of PB&J, Ben & Jerry, and Harold & Maude, why not hunt for a new blend of my current favorite things. So I did. And I now present to you Picnic Earrings—a quirky collection of jewelry inspired by (or that you could happily wear to) picnics!

That’s right, they exist, and they’re wonderful. Check out these super cool picnic-themed Etsy earring artists:

Utensil Set Earrings by alliteration

Hotdog Earrings by the Bacon Factory

Watermelon Earrings by bijunea

Let’s Eat (fork) Earrings by factorygirlashli

Red Gingham Post Earrings by Fall or Fly

Raspberries Earrings by Lilyja

Peanut Butter and Jelly Earrings by One Elf

Avocado Earrings by Shay Aaron

Recycled Tin Mini Dress Earrings by Shixie

Fruit Tart Earrings by Soy Mujer



6 Responses

    sy says:

    the food earings are so cute :D love the avocado earrings :D

    Sue says:

    Love the red print earrings! I wonder what a dress with matching earrings would look like? Add a table cloth a picnic and summer will be perfect.

    elyse says:

    i always love cheerful gingham. your picks are cute, especially the earrings. my summer staple? cute flip flops.

    Sarah says:

    Gingham earrings! Too cute. Now I just need some polka dots ones and the world is perfect.

    PB&J….LOVE the earring rendition of my favorite sandwich!

    shannon says:

    I want to gobble up the pb&j and the avocado earrings!
    so adorable!

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