Fireflies in Summer Skies

July 20, 2010, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark

To me there are some things that are quintessential aspects of a Summer evening: the quiet whir of a box fan sitting in a window pulling in deliciously cooler night air, the humming symphony of insects in grasses and trees, condensation beading up on the outside of an ice-filled glass of gin and tonic, and the incomparable sense of wonder I feel when gazing upon the dancing lights of fireflies. Many of us located on the eastern half of the United States have experienced the joy of running through a clearing of grass at dusk, wide-eyed with delight, chasing the winking signaling of these bioluminescent beauties. As an adult I exhibit the same giddy excitement every year when these little flying beetles make their presence known. They often stop me in my tracks as I marvel at the artistry of our world. Clearly some of the crafty vendors at Etsy feel the same way, for it was within minutes of my wanderings that I found some wonderful work honoring the firefly.

Top Row (L to R): John W. Golden, Geek Gear, Cricket Press

Middle Row (L to R): Rouge Press, Winifred Studios, Pink Bath Tub

Bottom Row (L to R): Taeeun Yoo, Nesrin Dugan, M Kendall Photography


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    Ray Hemachandra says:

    I'm from NY, but my wife's from the western U.S. and Canada, and when we moved here four years ago, she'd never seen a firefly (aka lightning bug or, as they're known in places beyond the U.S., glow worms). We often stand outside at dusk and marvel. I missed them during my dozen years living on the West Coast, and they still blow me away.

    RougePress says:

    Thank you so much for Featuring our little Lucien Letterpress card. XOXO
    Elaine @rougepress.com

    I still go out to catch them every summer — LOVE lightning bugs and still don't really understand why more creatures don't light up like that :)

    [...] Fireflies in Summer Skies « Lark Crafts. [...]

    Thanks for including my Fireflies!

    Chris says:

    I notice our chickens lunge at them. Can't imagine they'd be very tasty. I'll let you know if our eggs start glowing.

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