For the Dog Days of Summer: Free Paper Pups Project

August 01, 2013, 09:53 am  Posted by Lark

At Lark we require little cause to celebrate the canine. We’re a dog-loving lot. Since the steamiest part of summer known as the Dog Days* is well under way, some canine-related craftiness seems in order. Perfectly apropos: A free project from Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold by origami whiz Hiroshi Hayakawa. Easy-to-fold templates of nearly every breed imaginable are included in this delightful book: Boxer, Dachshund, Beagle, Lab, the list goes on. You can also make props for your pups—a fire hydrant, a house, or a Best-in-Show badge (undoubtedly deserved!). The projects in Paper Pups are simple and accompanied by illustrations that show you precisely where to cut and fold.

To make the free Mutt project shown below, all you need are a few basic tools (scissors, a ruler, a bone folder, and a craft knife) and some cardstock. If you want to customize your pup—give him a dappled coat or shaded tail—use acrylic paint, colored pencils, or pastels. Click here to design your own canine: Mutt project. Happy Dog Days! 

You can find Paper Pups: 35 Dogs to Copy, Cut & Fold at Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold.

*This curiosity of the calendar can be traced back to the ancient Romans, who attributed the spike in temperatures to the pairing of Sirius, the Dog Star, and the sun, which, from July 24 to August 24, rose at about the same time. A dog date worth noting: August 16, the feast day of Saint Roch, patron saint of canines.




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