March 28, 2011, 12:40 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

Our etsy round -up this time around is rather obtuse…and acute.

Perhaps it is in response to the overpopulation of the organic/woodland themes we have been enjoying for a while now (have you run out of things to put a bird on yet?), or maybe it’s an attempt to seek order out of chaos, but it seems as though the trend of geometry in art and crafts is going strong. The vibrant designs and motifs in this collection vary in media and approach, but they all share a love for the basic shapes that define our world.

top row L-R: ASecondLifebluebiciclettaBooandBooFactoryboosterseatdesTroyfashionsticker

middle row L-R: kyanos, leahduncan, letsgoawayforawhile, LovelyPiecesDesign, MarKhed, RACHELelise

bottom row L-R: SiriusGrafik, SoFino, spinthread, spoonfulofmint, StudioFludd, thecellophanes


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