Giving Handmade: Holiday Paper Lanterns

December 13, 2011, 08:32 am  Posted by Lark

We like the fact that this time of year means many things for many people, whether you’re decking the halls, lighting candles, singing with joy, or designing your own unique traditions (no matter how chilly or balmy it may be in your neck of the woods).


While we all choose to celebrate and acknowledge this time of year differently, one of the ways in which we can add festivity and beauty to our surroundings it through the warmth and brightness of lights.


Susan Wasinger, the author of Eco Craft, has a lovely suggestion for transforming traditional strings of lights into softly glowing lanterns. Through simple folding, you can create pretty paper boxes and affix them to the lights in your home. Susan suggests using old sheet music—I bet you’ll come up with additional clever ideas for your paper inspiration.


Download a free PDF of these Paper Lanterns for Holiday Lights, and learn more about Eco Craft here.

Paper Lanterns for Holiday Lights

Wishing you merry and bright holidays!


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