Go Fry an Egg

June 18, 2010, 05:00 am  Posted by Lark

Father’s Day is fast approaching (this Sunday!) so if you’ve put off picking up a little something for Pop, we have a tasty quick fix. Whether your dad is up with the sunrise or likes to sack in ’till mid-morning, he’ll no doubt appreciate a little magic from the frying pan to get his day off to an epicurean start. Omelets are incredibly flexible, allowing you to customize the ingredients to suit the diner’s preferences. This time of the year makes doing so especially easy due to the wide array of fresh veggies and herbs available at your local farmer’s market.


Recipe is excerpted from Homemade Living: Keeping Chickens (Lark 2010)


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    Ep Christensen says:

    yum! I love salad with an omelet!

    Carlin says:

    Ashley does not lie- this IS the recipe for the perfect omelet. Following this recipe guarantees deliciousness.

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