Grandma Club: Honoring the Crafts of the Past Today

July 12, 2010, 11:30 am  Posted by Lark

As are many delightful online discoveries, I stumbled upon the Grandma Club quite randomly through their Flickr account. I have since struck up a little correspondence with them and found out more about this charming group of women.

Formed just a couple years ago while participating in a canning party, Donovan, Kathy, and Noel found that they delighted in partaking in traditional home crafts while also spending quality time with friends. That day spent toiling over hot water baths putting jam into jars inspired an ongoing gathering they have managed to keep up on a monthly basis ever since. From stitching up aprons, crafting balls of fresh mozzarella, and infusing liquors to touring a local apiary and learning group oriented games (bingo, mahjong, and cribbage), the ladies simply follow their interests. According to Donovan, “It’s a great way to hang out with your friends all day and have learned something, too. At least for busy people like us, the Grandma Club helps us to plan out time to spend with each other…We often have honorary members come in. It’s not exclusive in any way. We have ‘grandpas,’ too.”

Any advice for folks who would like to start up a similar group in their own town? “It only takes two people. Just pick something that you’d like to learn more about and have at it. No one has to know if it doesn’t turn out quite right. You won’t become an expert in one day. And talk to the people around you. You never know who might be a sausage-maker or a quilter in their spare time and would love to share those skills with you.”

Find out more about the Grandma Club and their adventures in traditional home crafts on their blog.

If you had your own Grandma Club, what activities would YOU want to do?


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    justval says:

    I would love to belong to a Grandma Club. If I had my own Grandma Club the activities I would love to do would be dyeing and spinning of wool, quilt making, gardening and bees (honey that is)!

    qdpatooties says:

    Wow, now there's a club that sounds like fun. Even though my grandma isn't around anymore, her canning, baking and the crafts she chose to make still appeal to me. Thank you for sharing the Blog address and the Flickr account!

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