Halloween Has Gone to the Dogs – Free Projects

October 26, 2011, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark

It’s an undeniable fact that the popularity of Halloween is growing, with estimates that Americans will spend a whopping $6.86 billion this year on decorations, costumes, and candy. Nowadays Halloween festivities are not just for kids, it seems that everyone and their dog is getting in on the fun. And speaking of dogs, Asheville is one of the most dog-friendly towns that I know of. We are not alone though, in many cities around the country people and their dogs are inseparable–where people go, so do their canine buddies. So while planning and making (and we know gentle crafter that you’ll make not buy from a store) your Halloween costume this year, don’t forget your faithful four-legged friend.

If you find yourself running short on time or inspiration, here are a couple of quickie dog costume ideas* created by super crafty Cathie Filian, that are sure to elicit smiles when greeting those little goblins at the door. An added bonus is since the base of the costumes is a doggie tee shirt, there’s hardly any sewing involved.

Hope you have a happy Howl-oween!

*dog costume excerpted from Bow Wow WOW! (Lark 2008)


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