Hitting the Books

September 16, 2010, 05:00 am  Posted by Lark

Whether you doodle, write prose, or are working on the next great American novel, don’t your personal efforts warrant an environment that’s equally unique? Check out these handmade beauties, they’re sure to inspire you to greatness.

A nice reuse of materials from UsefulBooks

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1 artreasury 2 Baghy 3 BooksByStephen 4 brooklynbookbinder 5 greenflagdesign 6 KarleighJae

7 papermusedesigns 8 Qf8Design 9 QuinnBookbinding 10 sevengill 11 UsefulBooks 12 WeeBindery


8 Responses

    Baghy says:

    This is such a nice selection.. my favorite bookbinders in one place! Thank you for featuring my journal among these beauties :)

    What a lovely collection of work by bookbinders. Happy to see my design amongst the selections.

    Wee Bindery says:

    Wee Bindery -
    What a fantastic collection of handmade books! I love books – I love to write in them, read them and of course, make them!! Wee :-D

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