Holiday Baking: Winter Spice Cupcakes

December 10, 2010, 11:12 am  Posted by Lark

Well hello, winter! So I think it’s official—after wearing two pairs of socks and a knitted hat at work the other day and after making my sweet pup wear a fleece dog jacket that she feels embarrassed to be seen in, I’ve decided to declare that winter is here. At least for now, in the mountains of western North Carolina, the cold is upon us. And it’s kind of nice, to tell you the truth.

spice cupcakes dusted with powdered sugar in snowflake patterns

Winter Spice Cupcakes with Snowflakes

Why? Why are the frigid temps and car doors stuck-shut-because-they’re-frozen nice? Because now is the perfect time to heat one’s house with one’s oven. (I like to call winter baking “electricity bill multi-tasking.”)

One delicious and fragrant way to be cozy can be found in the pages of The Artful Cupcake, where cupcake recipes of all flavors abound, and where you can enjoy this (free downloadable PDF) recipe for Winter Spice Cupcakes with Snowflakes.

A kitchen wafting with the warm scents of cardamom, cinnamon, and molasses? Sweet and simple cupcakes to share? Yes, please. Happy baking, friends.


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    Ray Hemachandra says:

    Sweet post, Beth! But I have to say, I miss the days when your office adjoined mine and I had first dibs on the cupcakes!

    DarinRiggi says:

    Ok baking friends… I’m on my second batch of these. WHY WHY WHY are they coming out horrible. Wet and dense and gooey. Not rising fully. I do not understand.
    Please advise

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    Beth says:

    Hi Darin–sorry to hear the recipe isn’t working for you! It worked out for me, but perhaps something such as elevation is contributing to the issue. After conferring with our in-house baking guru, Chris, I have a couple suggestions that might help:
    add 1/4 teaspoon baking powder
    reduce the molasses to 1/2 cup
    replace the boiling water with 1 cup warm buttermilk

    Hope this works!

    I think I’m going to have to make these and bring them home for Christmas! YUM!

    DarinRiggi says:

    Thank you Beth for taking the time to write. I made them for the 3rd time and it worked.
    For me? The molasses is very overpowering. I really can’t taste the other spices. I’m going to take Chris’ suggestions. I’l bet they will even taste better.
    Happy Holidays

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