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September 02, 2010, 14:55 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

vickiehowell I’m a big fan of BRAVO’s show, Inside the Actor’s Studio and it’s host, James Lipton. So much so, that I paid a little homage to them with a a crafter’s version of the questions that each actor is asked at the end of each episode–”in the tradition of Bernard Pivot and Marcel Proust”– within the pages of Craft Corps. It was a fun way to cap off, an otherwise in-depth conversation (not to mention how much it thrilled me to know that I’m not the only crafter with a trash mouth!). Here are just a few–Etsy’s Christina Batch-Lee, Craftster’s Leah Kramer, & the legendary, Carol Duvall–of the 30, Crafter’s Studio profiles, included in my book.  Read ‘em. then share your own answers to the questions below!

Christina Batch, Etsy

Leah Kramer, Craftster

Carol Duvall

Join us in the Crafter’s Studio, by answering these questions in the comments section below!

In tradition of the great James Lipton:

1. What craft sound or smell do you love?

2. What craft sound or smell do you hate?

3. What career other than your own would you like to try?

4. When you have a craftastrophe, what is your favorite exclamation?

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14 Responses

    knitpurlgurl says:

    1.) I love the sound of nickel plated knitting needles clicking
    2.) I hate the smell of poorly processed silk yarn
    3.) What career? Probably something creative like writing.
    4.) What the flagnog?!

    Catherine says:

    Love the whirr of the sewing machine and the crisp sound of scissors on cardstock.

    Hate the sound of beads falling all over a wooden floor.

    I daydream sometimes about being an aerobics instructor (minus the thong leotard).

    The F word gets a lot of use around here. If the kids are in the room with me, “Son of a Buttercup” will usually suffice.

    Dannastarr2002 says:

    I love the sound of steam coming from and iron.
    I hate the sound of my sewing machine jamming….”clunk-clunk-clunk”
    I wanted to be a dancer, and it was my major.
    Ever since “Battlestar Galactica” came back I’ve taken to saying “Frak.”

    Anna says:

    I love the sound of…silence, I’m a cross-stitcher. (Or, when I’m in a group, the silence that falls between conversations and is interrupted by someone counting under her breath.)
    I hate the sound of a jamming sewing machine.
    I’d like to own a craft store.
    Apparently I’m the salty one: Usually M*F*er.

    Myrddyns says:

    I love the sound I make when the project is finally finished. Kind of an Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I hate the sound of ripping out stitches. It’s faint but horrible to hear.
    I would love to be a writer. Maybe I’ll try writing Craft books first to see how I like it.
    When I have a craftastrophe I usually exclaim “Oh shit. Not again!”

    Vicki says:

    I love the sound of sewing machine going full speed
    I hate the smell of scorched fabric
    In another life I would be a limo driver
    Having had my own children around and now small grandchildren, “nuts”… followed by someone in the house yelling a kind of nut.

    Vickie Howell says:

    These are great; keep posting!

    Dianne Askew says:

    I love the sound of bamboo knitting needles, not exactly clicking, but you know.
    I hate the feel of scratchy yarn.
    I would be a full time crafter.
    I say “shit” before I can stop myself. Need to break that habit before my granddaughter hears me.

    Cora says:

    Love the sound of my Dremel making a smooth cut, the smell of freshly cut wood/lumber.
    Hate the smell of gourd guts and the crack that tells me my gourd is cracked or broken.
    In middle and high school, I was all about art, clothing design and theatre.
    “S_ _T!!”

    Terri (Terri Boog) says:

    I love the sound of floss pulling thru the linen when I stitch
    I hate the smell of spray adhesive glue
    If I actually had some talent, I’d be an interior designer
    The “F” word gets tossed about quite frequently.

    Pmlcre8tive says:

    1. the quiet and nature of the back yard
    2. the sound of something snapping/breaking
    3. Opera singer
    4. Poo….Nuts….

    Cboldwoman says:

    1. The clicking of knitting needles.
    2. paint
    3. I love my job (Handmade & consignment shop owner), but if I had to choose something else, I would like to be a kindergarten teacher.
    4. crap. if it’s really bad I’ll say s**t, but crap is good because you can say it around most anyone and not get in trouble.

    crchtaddctn says:

    1. The smell of new fabric when I get ready to cut it for the first time.
    2. Glue gun and melting glue sticks
    3. An Opera singer, I love the opera, but I need to learn to sing first.
    4. Usually damn, if it’s really bad the s*#! word. Which lately has become the favorite word of mine.

    Hi there

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