Introducing Print Collective

October 28, 2013, 15:00 pm  Posted by Lark

If intimidation has kept you from trying your hand at the art of screenprinting, then we have a book for you. Print Collective: Screenprinting Techniques and Projects, a terrific new title by Jenny Doh, provides an easy-to-follow overview of the screenprinting process, from set-up to clean-up. As this user-friendly guide demonstrates, it’s simpler than you think! In addition to fundamental info on procedures and techniques, Print Collective features insights from some of today’s most prominent printers, including Matt Shapoff, Hilary Williams, and Patrick Edgeley, who share their innovative approaches to the craft along with fresh ideas for printing up flyers, T-shirts, greeting cards, and more. The book also offers tips on how to master other printing methods like cyanotype and stenciling, and—to kick-start your creativity—it comes with a CD of more than 200 motifs contributed by the artists.

A few of our favorite projects from the book are featured below. Get inspired and get printing!


Card by Anneke Kleine-Brüggeney


Print by April Nemeth

Pillowcases by Anneke Kleine-Brüggeney

You can find Print Collective at Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold.


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