Invasion of the Jellyfish

August 10, 2010, 12:03 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

In preparation for a mini vacation to the South Carolina coast, I discovered that jellyfish have invaded! Leaving in their globulous wake stings, yelps and major summertime buzz kills. While news of the invasion caused me to reconsider my early AM surf sessions, I am amazed at the beauty and other worldliness of these oceanic wonders. I love looking a them, but I do not prefer to swim with them. Our jelly friends are invading the craft scene as well. They show up in Prints, needle arts, paintings,  it seems as though they have migrated from their warm water homes into the minds of crafty creatives everywhere. I have pulled a few of my favorites via etsy. Enjoy.

From left to right: Jellyfish screenprint by printsbyamandajames, detail; mint jelly tee by blackbird tees; Jellyfish Falls in Love, original painting by Jason Edward Davis; bright blue amigurumi jellyfish by alyssacritt


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2 Responses

    Blackbirdtees says:

    Be careful down there! Those jellies can be sneaky. Great post & thanks so much for featuring my Mint Jelly tee ;)

      Travis says:

      It's a great tee! LOVE IT!!!

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