A Celebration of FOCUS Letters

May 20, 2011, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark

Working in the publishing industry for as long as I have, you would think that I would always have letters, words, paragraphs, and more on my mind. Yes, indeed, it’s true. I must say, though, that things have been a been a bit magnified lately thanks to our brand new book, FOCUS: Letters, just out this month. This fourth book in our FOCUS series encourages all of us to view the world around us with new eyes with a collection of approximately 250 photographs of letters of all varieties, captured by people from around the world.

Letters are the building blocks to our written language and our keys to unlocking communication in the world around us. Oftentimes the vehicle is just as interesting as the message with an infinite variety of ways in which letters can be designed and displayed. This book shines a spotlight on all the letters of the alphabet and the many ways in which they decorate our world.

Just look around you as you walk city streets, and you’ll find them smiling at you from a neon sign, graffiti on an alley wall, or peeking up at you from the sidewalk. Soon you’ll find yourself admiring the artistry of a hand-painted logo, the flaking paint serving as a testament of time along the side of a barn, the bold simplicity of something you may see everyday but can appreciate in a new light once taken out of its usual context. Letters can also be awaiting your discovery where you least expect them. Doesn’t that cloud look a lot like an “L,” that colorful bike wheel an “O,” those wooden boards like an “E,” and the angle of that building like a “Z”?

Check out this fun little preview video highlighting some great shots (in alphabetic order, of course) from the book:

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And while you’re at it, check out our earlier post where Travis chronicles his scavenger hunt to find found letters around the Lark office. Take a little time this weekend to look around you to discover all of the wonderful letters in your home, neighborhood, and beyond!


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