vickiehowellUnless you’re living in a cave, you’re bound to know that the latest season of FOX’s musical mega-hit, Glee, debuted this week–oh, and the term “glee” is exactly what this show brings me! Even if you’re not like me though (a theater geek at heart with a slight obsession with dance movies), you’d be hard pressed not to at least crack a smirk when the quick tongue of the snarky Sue Sylvester begins to wag. Seriously.

So my friends, we here at LarkCrafts.com decided that no only shall we wait with great anticipation for next week’s Glee installment, we will also host a Glee Twitter Party (a Twee Party, if you will) in its honor. That’s right, an hour of unabashed tweeting amongst us crafty types, about the show we love and the projects that could (even loosely) go along thematically with it. Why, you ask? Because crafters are Gleeks, too. That’s all there is to it!

Join me to swap high school, theater, and glee club-inspired project ideas (Got the perfect pattern for Rachel-centric halloween costume? Excellent. Decoupaged your locker with Glee-isms? We wanna see it!), get links to free patterns, and answer Glee trivia questions to win loads of Lark Crafts’ books!

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What: Lark Craft’s We *Heart* Glee “Twee Party”

When: Tuesday, September 28th, at 1pmEST (12pmCT/10amPT)

Where: #Larkglee

What IS a Twitter Party?
A Twitter Party is where a group of people can discuss or “Tweet” about a specific topic in their own little chat room. To participate in the discussion you’ll need to sign up for a free Twitter account (instructions are listed below), if you aren’t already on Twitter.

Why Attend?
Twitter parties are a great way to connect with other people while chatting about a specific topic. Lark Crafts will be hosting a lunch-hour Twitter Party as our crafty ode to Glee. Oh, and there’ll be prizes, too!

Twitter Party Hosts
Twitter Party Hosts oversee the event, answer questions, and keep the flow of the party going.

How To Participate

1. Twitter Account – Go to www.twitter.com to sign up for a free Twitter account.

2. Find and Follow any or all of the Lark Craft hosts:




During the party if you want to address one of the hosts directly, be sure to use their entire Twitter handle (ie @VickieHowell).

Hashtag – The Twitter world calls a pound sign (#) a hashtag. A hashtag is a code used to mark a specific topic. The Lark Crafts Glee, Twitter Party is marked and happening at #Larkglee. You can search for #Larkglee to participate in the party and see the party tweets.

Set Up TweetGrid – On the day of the party, use TweetGrid.com or another Twitter application such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite to follow all of the “tweets” marked #Larkglee and participate in the party.

On TweetGrid – You can comment, reply and read all at once in TweetGrid, and it even puts the hashtag in your comment for you.

Click here for a TweetGrid tutorial list. The Twitter Party Tutorial should be #8.

Not Another Teen Knitting Book, goes digital!
Especially for the Lark Craft’s Twee party, my 2006 book, Not Another Teen Knitting Book, has been re-published in digital form–you can download it from Zinio now!

Whether you’re a jock, cheerleader, nerd, prep, or undefined–NATKB has a project with your name on it! Here are just a few.

“Twee” you Tuesday!



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