Making Candy: Fruit Jam Jellies

December 08, 2011, 11:13 am  Posted by Lark

You know that moment when you actually complete a task/project/endeavor that had seemed sort of complex in the beginning (and therefore kind of tricky), and you weren’t sure if it was going to turn out the way you’d hoped? I’m talking about the moment when you realize that you did make something awesome and the process went according to plan—essentially, you succeeded. That moment.

Cooking the syrup

Well, the other day I experienced that kind of moment—that feeling of “Oh, cool! I followed the instructions for something I’d never made before, and it turned out just as I’d hoped!” It occurred when Nicole and I decided to make the recipe for Fruit Jam Jellies from Nina Wanat’s Sweet Confections: Beautiful Candy to Make at Home. We’d never made this kind of candy before, which turned it into an adventure. We followed the instructions, jumped right in, and—voila! Tasty and pretty candy. Sweet.

Cooling the candy

I thought you might like to give it a whirl, too, so I’m including the recipe for Fruit Jam Jellies here as a downloadable PDF.

Here are some things I learned along the way:

1. Being the kind of gal who owns a candy thermometer has its perks.

2. Fruit Jam Jellies made me think of my time studying in Ireland and all the fabulous candy available in that gorgeous country—and that made me want to eat some chocolate. So, if that kind of thought process happens for you, be prepared with chocolate on hand, my friends.

3. We made both apricot jam jellies and raspberry jam jellies. While the apricot batch is (in my opinion) the most beautiful to look at, I came to the confirmed conclusion that I really only like raspberry jam, thanks. So use a jam flavor that you truly like.


Dusting the jellies in powdered sugar

Raspberry Jam Jellies & Apricot Jam Jellies

Happy candy-making and happy candy-sharing, friends!


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