Masters: Book Arts + a book arts giveaway

May 09, 2011, 08:45 am  Posted by Lark

We’re currently celebrating a re-design of LarkCrafts.com (looks pretty cool, right?), which happens to coincide with a spring season filled with incredible Lark books landing on shelves.

cover image of Masters Book Arts

One of the gorgeous titles to be released this spring is Masters: Book Arts, a stunning collection of work by 43 master book artists. Curated by Eileen Wallace, Masters: Book Arts celebrates the design, craftsmanship, and innovation of contemporary book arts, and features a striking array of techniques from letterpress, collage, and printmaking to carving, photography, and stitching. A spectrum of book binding methods is explored, and artists’ messages touch on subjects of whimsy, reflection, performance, and mystery.

Each featured master artist takes center stage in an informative eight-page chapter that includes gorgeous photos, illuminating personal quotes, and a short essay by Eileen Wallace, providing a distinctive portrait of each artist and their impressive work. The book is truly a pleasure to behold.

In celebration of the release of Masters: Book Arts, we’re giving away six Lark titles that showcase the art of the book—books on Books, if you will—[Masters: Book Arts, 500 Handmade Books, Making Handmade Books, Eco Books, The Penland Book of Handmade Books, and Live & Learn: Real Life Journals].

photo of six stacked book arts books

To enter for a chance to win this swoon-worthy collection, please leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, May 15th. One winner will be selected at random from among all eligible entries, and notified by Wednesday, May 18th. Click here for the official rules. Congratulations to Susan who said,Love looking at the covers of those books! So inviting!” Hope you enjoy your new stack of books on books, Susan!

thumbnail images of six book covers


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    Mandy Knapp says:

    I love this series!

    Drmithome says:

    This is a beautiful collection of books.

    QuinnCreative says:

    Great selection from your collection. Would love to own autographed copies of all of these someday.

    What a great collection. Winning these would make my entire summer! Just think of all the projects I could do and gifts I could make ^^ Thank you for the chance!

    Kristin says:

    Wow, I would love to win this! I’m fascinated with making books and learning more about handbound books. =)

    sewlindaann says:

    Yup, I’m in!

    Dollie says:

    This is an awesome giveaway!

    Dollie says:

    This is an awesome giveaway!

    Diana says:

    Lovely books about books!

    Heather says:

    Amazing! i’ve been wanting to make books for a while now, it looks so exciting!

    Muireann says:

    What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Rhonda says:

    Fantastic selection of books – definitely swoon-worthy!!

    Jennifer says:

    What exciting inspiring stuff :-)

    Sharlyngp says:

    Making books is something new to me that is gradually capturing more and more of my time and attention. I’d love to have some resources at home to guide me through this art form!

    CarlaCL says:

    I already have the “500″ and the “making handmade books”… both are awesome! I’d love to win the other titles!!

    Found this via your tumblr! This would be a lovely little pile of books to own, I’ve been fascinated by sketchbooks and art journals for years. Good luck everyone (:

    Elizabeth says:

    What a lovely selection! I’m writing down the titles, so I can check out the books even if I don’t win. :)

    Patgaig says:

    I love Gwen Diehn!

    cj grossman says:

    What a great giveaway! Some real classics!

    Kae Kelly says:

    Would love to win these; thanks for the opportunity.

    Kae Kelly says:

    thanks for the opportunity to win these grear books

    Taylor Ernst says:

    What an amazing collection of books! Would love to have them!

    Anna Belkina says:

    Those books are great! I am reading the “Real life journals” right now borrowed from BPL, and I definitely wish to have my own copy, it’s so useful! “500 books” are just stunning :)

    Anna Belkina says:

    Those books are great! I am reading the “Real life journals” right now borrowed from BPL, and I definitely wish to have my own copy, it’s so useful! “500 books” are just stunning :)

    Annabel says:

    Thanks for the great give-away!

    Jim Carmin says:

    Always good to promote artists’ books, thanks.

    Larry says:

    A great promotional idea. Thanks.

    Alexia says:

    Sweet! These are awesome books.

    yeah book making!

    Joy Corcoran says:

    There’s nothing quite as spiritually delicious as a handmade book. I love the anthologies and the technique books. Even if I never make one myself, reading books about technique enhances my pleasure when I look at the books. Lark has been such an inspirational publisher — keep up the good work!

    Quilter says:

    What a _wonderful_ give away!! I’d truly love to have these books – making books is an occasional pass time of mine that I’d like to get better at.
    :) Linda

    What fun! I have made several handmade journals in the past and am exploring book arts again this year – what wonderful timing. Is it terrible to say I hope I win? :)

    I’d love to win this! Thanks for the opp.

    Over the years, Lark Books has celebrated things handmade. Their “500″ series is a wonderful source for information, consideration, and inspiration. I am proud to be included in “500 Handmade Books,”

    and feel I am in fine company!

    Groshing says:

    I have to suggest these for purchase by my local library. They’ll heart them.

    taraefsmith says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for thinking of us! :)

    Alphabeth says:

    I will donate the duplicates of books I already own to my local library. Pick me! Pick me!

    Suze says:

    Love looking at the covers of those books! So inviting!

    Wordygirl says:

    What a phenomenal giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to enter. I’m already thinking of those with whom I’d share if I won…though I know I would pore over them first.

    DonnaJ says:

    What a wonderful giveaway – I’ve got my fingers crossed!


    reccashay says:

    Simultaneously splendid and sublime.

    Rebeccarapport says:

    Oh, please please please let me be the lucky winner!

    Jpburton12 says:

    What an amazing give away!!! It would be fabulous to win these!!

    What a wonderful collection of books on books!! Would love to win. Thanks!!

    Profcnc says:

    Great books. Great give-away.

    Cemetz09 says:

    Great collection!

    Raland says:

    Great giveaway. I want to win this stuff!

    This sounds like an amazing book! Eileen Wallace
    was my bookbinding and papermaking instructor when I studied abroad in Cortona, Italy.

    I have book images in two of them — and would love to have them all to show my book arts students at Pratt!

    Bkisrael says:

    What I wouldn’t give to win this great give-away. Thanks SO much for the chance. Just amazing!

    I remember running into “Eco Books” at a store in Asheville. A nice surprise. Lots of good stuff in there.

    Anonymous says:

    These are excellent books! I have paged through Eco Books and it is fascinating. I’m sure the other are too!

    Shuju says:

    I’m copying alphabeth and will give my copies of 500 Handmade Books and Making Handmade Books to the library if I win!

    Chase Purdy says:

    What a cool giveaway. They’d be great items for art therapy sessions.

    Joanne Thompson says:

    That’s an amazing collection of books to be given away…a collection that would be wonderful to win! Good luck to all of us!!

    Sue says:

    Alisa Golden is one of my very favorite book artists! I’m not sure if this new book of hers has new info or is just a wonderful collection of book art and teaching from her previous books. I am curious about the “Master” series…

    Iamdawt says:

    I’ve always wanted to make a book! Thank you for hosting this book give-away!

    Rache Bruno says:

    I had a mental orgasm when I saw this…

    Melby says:

    Heck yes. This is fantastic.

    These look great! Book making is on my summer to do list.

    Ami says:

    This looks like such an awesome giveaway!! I’d be honored to selected!

    Ellen Hunter says:

    I just attended a bookbinding workshop and I think I’m hooked! So wonderful!

    Yes! Book binding and my newest obsession! I

    Josefine says:

    This is one of the best giveaways I’ve ever seen!!! I’m so excited now…I LOVE books and I LOVE crafts…so there is nothing about this that I wouldn’t like!!

    Tish says:

    oooo @ making handmade books!! i would love to give this a try!

    I’d love to win something from this giveaway.

    Would love to win- I’ve had a few of those on my wishlist for a while! Thanks for the chance!

    Melissa Dojcsak says:

    I just made my first few books, i’m really interested to keep challenging myself.

    -Melissa Dojcsak

    Melissa says:

    These are beautiful books. I love the new “look” at Lark!

    Dawn Cathlene says:

    Those books are amazing! Thank you for the chance to win–I would love to make my own books.

    Yes Please. My friend would be so jealous of me for owning these, I’d share of course.

    Carissa says:

    I just ended a semester with Eileen as my instructor, and she showed us the book during class. It is incredible!

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting to learn to make handmade books but have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the different ways. I wish I could find a class that wasn’t hours away!

    Maegan Zigarevich says:

    What a cool collection!

    CanCan says:

    My heart races at the thought of winning all these wonderful books!!! What a wonderful collection!
    Can’t wait CAN’T WAIT!!!

    Tammy Alexander says:

    I love the “Masters Series” books! Would love to read all of them!

    Erica Daschbach says:

    I love the new website design! What a fantastic collection of books!! :D

    Ardi Kinerd says:

    I love handmade books!

    Kit says:

    These books are amazing!

    Diana says:

    I haven’t seen the 500 Books! I need to get one!

    I’m a bookbinder and i LOVE all of these books!! It would be so great to add them to my collection!! ;)

    Robin Price says:

    Hello Beth,
    The Typo-Finding Queen in me sees sentences like this one:
    “The book is a truly pleasure to behold.”
    and they yell and scream, begging for revised word order, rearranged or deleted apostrophe, and the like.
    But not before the delightful experience of reading your post on yarn bombing (I’m one of those novices to the term), which led me to http://streetcolor.wordpress.com/.
    I’m very glad to be included in the wonderful_ Masters: Book Arts_.

    Beachbrights says:

    Throw my name in the hat, please! Beachbrights@gmail.com


    Firegoddard says:

    I’ve never seen any of these-they look great!

    Jody Alexander says:

    I’m in three out of six of these titles. My students love these books and would love to have extra copies in my studio! Plus don’t have the three others. Thanks Beth.

    Amy says:

    Lovely, inspirational collection of books for one lucky winner!!

    Kelcey says:

    I have 500 books and I LOVE it~ This new one looks great!

    Beth says:

    Hi Robin, thanks for alerting me to the word flip :)

    Otgjen says:

    Wow! Would love to see all the new eye candy1

    BJS says:

    books, books, books. Love Lark Books!

    Oh my! So Exciting!

    Oh my! So Exciting!

    Heather_isaacs says:

    my fingers are already itching to page through the books! these are the boost I need to pump up my creativity!

    Kris A says:

    Wow – this amazing collection of books all going to one lucky person – what a great giveaway! Would love to see all the inspiring handmade books & ideas showcased in these books.

    Linda Conover says:

    Love to win the books!

    Rebecca Abi-Saad says:

    this is such a fantastic giveaway! book arts are wonderful.

    Beadsophisticate says:

    Okay, this is me! I love books, I love art, what could be better than reading about making art books?

    Guineababy says:

    I would love to win this. Books and words and letters have always been a favorite of mine. To learn to do something with them would be awesome!

    Gillian says:

    These books look amazing! :D

    Knrak says:

    Fabulous instant library for one of my favorite subjects!

    Clara Boza says:

    What a great collection. There can never be enough books about book arts and book artists. Each new one is a treat.

    Scogdog says:

    Wow, Ray…once again a very generous give away. Another new craft to explore is always great.


    Anonymous says:

    Just discovered Masters: Book Arts because my aunt is one of the artists. Very beautiful and intriguing stuff!

    Zirbelzoo says:

    Love books and bookbinding–what a great way to learn!

    Cintra04 says:

    …i love all your books!!!! xo cintra/artnic

    Ksukeena says:

    Love the entire “Masters” series

    My name is Brittany and I am a journal/ altered book addict!! I just recently started making my own books and was excited to see this post. Lark publishing books about books, what could be better!! I don’t own any of these titles but I am sooo looking forward to getting my hands on them!! I always know where to turn first when I am looking to learn something new and exciting or need some inspiration, LARK!!

    Emily says:

    Wow, all these books look amazing! I love Lark!

    BarnCat says:

    Yes, please. I would like to enter. I don’t have enough books yet. So I need to make some. Besides, books are becoming an endangered species. I don’t see any “art kindle” books out there yet –

    Krista Shufelt says:

    I have only made pretty simple books so far.  Can’t wait to read this one!

    Anonymous says:

    what a great giveaway – I have a “thing” for books about books and will be deeply envious of who ever wins this wonderful stack —-HEY! it might be ME!!

    Jessica C White says:

    What an amazing collection of books. I already have the Penland book, but it would make a great gift if I got another :)

    Susan Tucceri says:

    I  NEED these books!

    Working Girl

    Kathle Ford-Walters says:

    It would be so exciting to have all these books.  Just think how many people I could share with.


    Zack says:

     Great collection! My girlfriend and I would love to win these :)

    superdumb says:

     Ooh, this would keep me busy all summer!

    I’d love to win these! I’ve taught bookmaking workshops to kids and adults, and always want to add to my stash of resources. The Penland Book looks great!

    Elizabeth says:

     Swoon worthy indeed! 

    Catherine says:

    I would love all of these titles!

    BeadHostage says:

    I am addicted to books so this giveaway is awesome.  

    Carmen says:

    Great idea!

    Laura says:

    As an artist resources are invaluable… it was be great to increase and expand my library with wonderful ideas leading to fanstastic inspirations! It would be an honor to have more Lark books line my shelves! 

    Jannav says:

    I’ve only made a few books- these Lark books are great inspiration to do more! 

    Oh my gosh, yes! Please, please sign me up! 

    Rachee Fagg says:

    Great pack!

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